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The Exceptional Sing Along Piano Show

easily tackles the ominous task of getting your otherwise perfectly-proper staff to drop their guard and dance like nobody’s watching.
The recipe is straightforward – and it works every time. A high energy piano entertainer armed with an Einstein-level understanding of their 88 keys and exactly what it takes to move your event from typical to extraordinary.
Dan’s decade of experience with The Second City creates an improvisational, musical, and wildly engaging party environment that will have your guests hoping that the night will never end.

“Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job at my father’s party! You made the party a success!!”

Susan & Arthur Reingold

Birthday Party

The recipe is straightforward – and it works every time. get one high energy piano entertainer armed with an Einstein-level comprehension of the 88 keys and exactly what it takes to move your event from typical to extraordinary.

“Just wanted to thank you for an amazing show. We received many, many compliments and the rave reviews just keep coming. When we were looking at ideas for our Member Event, we explored many options, and I can truly say that booking a Dueling Pianos show was the way to go. We had a packed house, standing room only, and we had to turn people away. BTW, their slogan is right on the money! I look REALLY good because they sounded so good!” Claudia Martin

Event Coordinator, The Royal Country Clubs, St. Charles IL

Inclusion, Interaction, and a pinch of Instigation:
3 ingredients blended with music and laughter
to yield an evening that transcends simple description.


The evening might look wild and crazy to the untrained eye. But to the Exceptional Sing-Along Piano Show, it’s another opportunity to remind a room full of grown-ups that they each still have a child inside who knows how to come out and play.

Dan will get your grumpiest, your fussiest, and your highest maintenance employees smiling in spite of themselves, giggling under their breath and waddling home with the corners of their mouths hurting from overuse.

Your VIP team members will be singing your praises for providing such revelry. Those important, TYPE A, overachievers would have bet the Jag that they didn’t have it in them to smile, laugh, sing, and dance the night away.

Yet surprisingly, time and again, they are first to hit the dance floor. Playfully inviting people to join in, they discover a new side to their leadership and it feels so good.

The Exceptional Sing-Along Piano Show  possesses the all-important skill of being able to instantly read a room adapt – even mid-song – to the ever-changing energy and mood of the crowd.

Your guests will certainly recognize the songs, but the piano/comedy formula will make every note and lyric seem like the first time.

People always ask Dan, “How do you do that?”

The answer is both annoying and true-to-the-bone: it’s magic.

The alchemy that happens when a group gathers, puts down their collective smartphone, and surrenders to their human need for connection, laughter, movement, and music.

Of course, there is a rarely-seen skill of a  talented musician actually playing their instrument – live and unprocessed. Who does that anymore?!

No backing tracks. No drum machines. No auto-tune. You and your attendees feel the difference – and that love comes back to you.

The Exceptional Sing Along Piano Show  fully customizes your show for each event:

  • Custom lyrics to well-known songs to celebrate or roast a guest of honor
  • Audience requests – Just try stumping this band
  • Custom jokes that will leave the guests wondering if they are insiders

The Exceptional Sing-Along Piano Show  is the self-contained answer for anyone looking to create the gold standard for their company, family, association, conference, or corporate event.

Popular dates book months in advance. Don’t delay and face the disappointment of having to settle for second or third best.

You don’t even want to think about the fourth or fifth best…