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Great Party Ideas That Create Lifelong Memories – The Cure for Presidents Day

So I have finally found one of the most perfect party ideas AND it will cure your next President’s Day.

Throw a party. Yes. That would be throw a party during Presidents Day and bring in a piano player and a award winning chef and see where that would lead.

I have many items on my bucket list. I frequently get new party ideas along with all my new song ideas and lyric ideas. But I don’t think I ever came up with throwing an afternoon party on Presidents Day. 

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No Need To Wait Until Next Year for Great Party Ideas

Well it happened for me yesterday. And what a success! Not a lot of people. Only about 10, maybe 12 folks. A few of their kids showed up. We ate great food, we sang some great songs, we sat down with friends and made great memories. You can too.

Plus, and here’s the good part, you don’t have to wait until next year’s Presidents Day. Start thinking about your outdoor BBQs and your graduation party ideas and your anniversary party ideas. We can make this another fantastic event filled and life long lasting memory creating event that will last a lifetime.

Call me to see what kind of ideas I can come up with for you and your memory tank.

How Do You Spell 60th Birthday Party Ideas?

Everyone Loves A Good Celebration — Birthday Party Ideas 

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Celebrate Now!

Celebrations are to be remembered. With all that can happen in the course of life, the good fortune to be able to come together with friends and family to commemorate a milestone like a birthday or an anniversary is to be relished with a party. But what can I say? I’m a professional entertainer. So there’s that. 

With that said when I get invited to come to your event as a piano player, I am humbled to know that first of all, you value good music, and second of all that you have allowed me to be a part of an intimate family memory that will last a lifetime.

That is exactly what happened last year in the summer when George and Colleen invited me to their home to celebrate George’s 60th birthday party. A little back story first …

George is happy to be celebrating anything above ground. Especially a 60th birthday party. George had had a major heart attack a year earlier. Like as in MAJOR. The weird part is George is one of those health nuts. Apparently he is quite active riding his bike and taking long tours for fun. He’s been doing this for years. In fact, George looks like one those guys who is healthy. Fit, tall, muscualar and full of life and energy.

If you were to put George in a line of 20 other men his age, you would pick him last as a candidate for “The Big Grabber”. But you would have picked wrong.

At the fateful moment he was blessed to be around his family and his wife, who is a registered nurse and knew how to administer CPR, thus keeping him alive long enough to get him on the table and get his operation that allowed him to live.

Now jump ahead a year later and everyone is happy to celebrate a surprise 60th birthday party for him.

So as part of his surprise party his wife, Colleen, and his kids, now grown, prepared this party under the radar. The misdirect (every surprise party needs a misdirect – where you get the celebrant out of the house long enough to get everything prepared) was to take him on a “short” bike ride down around Chicago to the lakefront and back. Nothing too strenuous.

We were all assembled in the backyard when he came around back towards the garage on his bike when we yelled “SURPRISE!!!” to which George was startled so severely that he fell off his bike.

It was then that we immediately realized maybe this whole “SURPRISE!!!” thing might not be good for his health lest we wanted to inflict another hear attack on the unsuspecting birthday boy. 



All was well though. Laughter and some memorable video footage will be enterted into the family archives for future laughs.

I was invited to be the piano player because George loves the Beatles and good music all around. Hence, the addendum at the end of the thank you note I received.

As you can see music reaches and heals all of us no matter where we are at. It helps during celebrations as well as times when Mother Nature rears her inevitable patterns.

So when considering party ideas, whether the good celebrations or the not so good, remember music will touch the soul of everyone who is there. It is an honor to not only play piano music for your birthday party ideas but also to be invited to your intimate family event. Thank you.

Dan – your performance not only touched & thrilled me,
it reached everyone’s soul who was there.
Love George”

Quick Retirement Party Ideas

I had a call last week for another custom writing job. It was to be part of a long list of retirement party ideas.

I’ve had these calls before. An executive of seasoned tenure is about to retire. The accolades will be forthcoming. The revealing anecdotes will be told. … and … in this case, a special song parody will be written and recorded for the celebrant.

The gentleman going into the golden years of his life was a life long salesman. He had founded his company, mentored many young professionals in his time and was looking forward to go off hunting and fishing. The perfect choice was a song parody of the Kenny Rogers hit The Gambler.

The interview process is a simple one for gigs like this. I have a 2 page questionnaire I have the contact fill out. They usually send it around to the other executives and co-workers around the office. They become our eyes and ears.

The process is going to take at least two days. I get all the info. I write up a few verses. 5 or 6 to be exact. I’m only going to use one or two. Then I get the chorus to go along with the plan.

After that I get the studio all cranked up. Fire off the essential parts. Arrange it for timing of the jokes and then I get a quick demo out the door. Once the customer signs off on it, I know I’ve got a winner. Then I just re-record it, mix it and master in the studio.

Listen to the final product. How did I do? Let me know.

Lickety split, Super quick Retirement party ideas will last a lifetime.

I could have been in the Olympics but I’d rather be here

Olympics Rant

You know I qualified for the Olympics again this year. But I decided not to go. It wouldn’t be fair to the other athletes. I would have won all the medals especially on Track &Field. I mean that would be selfish of me.

Oh this sarcasm doesn’t look too good in print. Honestly, I’m surprised at how much of an expert I’ve become in sports I don’t know anything about. I was watching the platform divers last night and I had no idea how dangerous that sport could be. Those divers hit the water at 30+ mph. One wrong move and Ouch!

Olympics Day 3 - Diving

Then there’s me from my recliner in my living room looking to relax and I can only think there is not enough tape in the world to protect my wrists from hitting the water the wrong way. Then I find myself becoming VERY opinionated about the Splash Meter. When I used to watch this sport on the Wide World of Sports years ago, I don’t remember having it so easy. Yet here I sit with a beverage and a meter to gauge how much liquid should be acceptable in my life when it comes to platform divers.

You should have heard me last week during 2 man kayaking!


Piano Music Making Sick People Feel Good Too

I was playing piano music the other night and I had a guy at the piano bar who sang like a leaky balloon. Either that or he sang like he had just sucked all the helium out of it first. I think the first one is a better description.

He was really hammered and about 20 years older than the people around him. Not that that matters when it comes to playing live music.

Music is the Universal Language. So there are no boundaries or requirements. Just be willing to have some fun and the music will take it from there. This isn’t American Idol here. With that definition, this guy qualified. 

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These were Not the Only Women Having FUN on the Gig Last Night

Since I do my best to include everyone, his exuberant and passionate singing still made it a little difficult to get anyone to join in with him.

Everyone else was looking at him thinking, “Well, I’m not going to sing along if I got to do it like that guy.”

So they didn’t. Not at first. Then they realized I wasn’t going to be making fun of him all night. I just cracked a few jokes to acknowledge him and moved on. There were plenty of other people there to have some fun with.

Like the one guy who thought he was the leader of the band. He kept giving out vocal cues to the audience. I don’t usually mind. In fact, I welcome that kind of behavior. Keeps things fresh. He had all the qualifications too; a loud, booming voice, the alcohol fueled energy – however, he had none of the rhythm. At least not to lead. 

No mind. It was a Sunday night of a 3 day weekend. Most people weren’t going to work the next day. So we were all out having some fun and letting the music take over – at least for a little while.

Coulda been worse. Coulda been a sick day. But in that case, we woulda all fit in anyway.

Live music. Allowing sick people to feel good too. Go figure.

Piano Player For Hire Finally Decodes Priceline

So I think I’m finally figuring out how to use to my advantage. Since I travel so much as a piano player for hire, I figured it’s worth making it work for me and our family budget.

But I’m wondering something …

Who the hell picks these paintings? 

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Hotel Art

Not that they’re bad or anything. I’m just kind of wondering cuz they are exceptionally non-descript.

There’s nothing about them that make you go, “Oh. That’s really cool. I think I should get some for my collection. Let me call my art broker and see if he can cut me a deal on a bulk purchase.”

And what the hell is with this smell?

These NON-SMOKING rooms smell all perfumey. And not that good kind of perfumey, like wow I need some of this funk in my house right now too. It’ll go great with those paintings I just bought.

I would rather have the old stale cigarette smoke from yesteryear.

No. Wait. I wouldn’t. That was REALLY disgusting.

But this new smell seems like it’s designed to be cat house friendly or something. I can hear the voice over on the radio spot: “It smells like a brothel, but bring the kids anyway. It’s safe and won’t deform their growth. Plus, it’ll create all kinds of fresh and special memories you can share for a lifetime.”

Oh well. The price was right. Here’s to shopping on the Internet.

Bye for now.

Holiday Piano Music w/o the Nausea

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Holiday Music Entertainment That Doesn’t Make You Sick!

If you think piano music for company parties is nauseating, then you haven’t heard me play piano. Entertainment for events is always entertaining when you have Dan Gloglee behind the piano singing and cracking jokes. Holiday party entertainment now

Do All Your Party Ideas Really Need A Reason?

I’m not sure. But I do know this. There is no bad reason — Especially this time of year when everyone wants a Holiday Party. Any of your Party Ideas is a good one as long as you have the right people surrounding you.

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This one was HUGE!

We had some surprise birthday party ideas this month in anticipation of your youngest turning 18. I think it went well. But you can never tell. Teenagers don’t let on real quickly. That’s for all teenagers not just ours’.

We had a call to play a 4oth birthday party idea — dueling pianos. This guy’s wife loves a dueling piano show. She is also totally into the 80s music. I don’t know why. The 80s didn’t turn out much music of any significance. Well, okay there was that one song. But the rest of them were kind of … you know … 80s.
But you don’t need to do a dueling pianos show. You can have a dueling pianos show but just hire one piano player. Same great vibe at half the price.
We are party entertainers who know how to have fun everytime we’re playing piano music for you.

Most people when you mention birthday party ideas think of little kids and hats and streamers and goofy games. Well adults can have some special games too. Trust me. I am a professional. I’ve seen how you behave in the privacy of your own homes when you invite me over to play piano music at your parties. It is truly a sight to behold.

It’s not just the singing along. It’s the interaction. I’m having the most fun when you guys are engaged and having fun with me. It’s the only way to go really when you think about it. No need for silly hats. But it does help. No need for overt sexual innuendo. But it does happen. No need for you to actually sing along to enjoy singing along. Sometime the most fun you can have with your mouth in public is not singing along. Scream along. If you add pitch it’s a bonus.

Let’s do it all over again. This time I’ll bring the piano so we don’t have to mess up yours. Call now before all the good party ideas are used up for your date. +1-773-527-7417

Freddie Mercury Lives in Piano Music Entertainment

So I had the manufacturers convention in town this week and I’m playing a piano bar. The place is packed. I mean jammed. The thing is, there’s like 95% guys in the room. The professional girls are having a field day cuz these guys are all on expense accounts. I’ve got a tip jar packed with dolares and we’re all having a good time.

Someone asks for Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m thinking there’s no way I’m going to get a room full of guys to sing to this kind of piano music entertainment. So I give ’em a bunch of crap before I launch into it and I hope for the best.

They sang their heads off! It was amazing. I did the whole version and I could have kept going if Freddie Mercury wrote a longer song.
So I take a break to go check out the facilities and I get stopped by some guy from Berlin. He starts telling me how that was the best version he has ever heard outside of Freddie himself. He goes on to explain how he heard Freddie Mercury sing over 20 times. He said he heard him one time when he was a young boy; a soccer player. He was in a stadium for a soccer match and Freddie was doing sound check to an empty arena. Just Freddie on the piano and singing with his angelic voice. He said he could fill that stadium just fine without the band and he was in full voice running through his obscure songs that would never get played during a concert.

Now I don’t know if this was true or not. But it sure sounds like a great story. Plus I never get tired of hearing someone tell me how much they enjoy the music I get to play when I have a full room.

So RIP Freddie. Know that you live on through your great songs in our memories and in our nightly ventures out to a piano bar.

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These were the Only Women on the Gig Last Night

Birthday Party Ideas


Surprise! It’s your birthday! Bet you didn’t know we were going to be here. When you were thinking up good birthday party ideas did you think of piano music?

That’s what’s happening tonight here in Wisconsin Dueling pianos at a surprise birthday party  Ideas never fall short when you put together a bash like this.

I sure wish you could be here. We are just outside of Milwaukee tonight. But this is a private party we are entertaining for. Denise doesn’t have a clue this is happening. Why? Because her 50th birthday is not for another two months.

Well let you know how it goes.

Really. Live music makes parties really live. Birthday party ideas just got a whole lot easier when you call for piano music in your area. Call now!