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Central Illinois Dueling Pianos Show

Central Illinois Dueling Pianos 

on February 28 and again on March 27&28 2015 in beautiful sunny, exotic, tantalizing Peoria IL. Come on out for some great laughs with your friends for any kind of celebration. Birthdays, anniversary, graduation!

Great party ideas with Central Illinois Dueling Pianos

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Central Illinois Dueling Pianos In Peoria IL

Get your tickets at

That would be fo those of you keeping score.

You’ll be glad you did! Really!

We start at 8 PM and we’ll go until 11. You get to drink and laugh. we get to drink and laugh too. Huh. . .  Go Figure.

Music and comedy at such a fair price. You’ll wonder how we can do it all with just our fingers and our mouths. So if you need to figure it out just as much as we need to be there onstage, then get on out to the Waterhouse this weekend for live music and laughs with Central Illinois Dueling Pianos …

You’ll be glad you did! Really! 


These Guys Are Funny …. Looking! Comedy Music and FUN!!!

Comedy Dueling Pianos

Shhhh!!!! Don’t tell anyone. We don’t want the word to get.

These guys are in need of serious plastic surgery and until they get it no one should see them. They’re so funny — looking — that you will laugh until tears run down your face and then you’ll laugh some more because you’re laughing so hard at the people around you laughing. So please don’t come and see these guys until they get some reconstructive surgery to fix their funny looks.

But if you do come out, bring money with you cuz plastic surgery isn’t cheap anymore. It used to be when no one knew what it was. But now the word has gotten out and they can’t raise enough money to fix their funny looks. So if you are planning on coming out to see some great live music and laughs with comedy music that you can laugh at till you go home, Then be sure to bring lots of money.

How Do You Spell Mardi Gras Dueling Pianos?

Mardi Gras.
God’s gift to help us get through the winter.

Wait. That can’t be right.

Mardi Gras is a pagan Holiday. designed to help us sinners get it together before the miracle of Easter.

Oh … forget it … I’m just a mixed up Catholic who hasn’t been to church in a while. Either way you look at it … and I look at it as an Ambassador of Fun would look at it … An Emcee of Party … a professional piano entertainer would look at it … LET’S SING SOME SONGS!!!

Plus, we’re going to be raising some money for the Kankakee County Chamber … again! I think this is our 3rd or 4th year in a row providing charity event entertainment for them? I’ve lost count.

entertainment for events, charity event entertainment,

Mardi Gras Dueling Pianos in Kankakee 2015

Dueling Pianos with a Mardi Gras twist, a tinge of The Big Easy, A taste of the Le Bon Temps Roulé. Can you resist it any longer? 

This winter is getting longer and longer and spring is still a few 6 weeks away. So let’s embrace the ice! Let’s dance in the darkness. Let’s do the night the way the night should be done .. with live music in the form of dueling piano mardi gras.

We’ll be there. Where will you be?

Knights of Columbus Hall, 187 South Indiana Avenue, Kankakee, IL 60901 — Doors open at 6 PM

Support businesses in Kankakee County IL We help each other to improve business by building a better community.

For tickets and to make a donation click here 

Or cut and paste this link:

Bring some friends … We know you got some!

Dueling Pianos with A BBQ Flair

We have another in town dueling pianos show coming up this week. Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We will be singing and playing piano at Bub City. That’s right. It’s a country bar. Great BBQ to go with some great live music too. Chicago dueling pianos in a bar setting. Rare for us. Fortunate for you.

We usually perform our dueling pianos show for corporate events and fund raiser entertainment. But this night is different. This is a public show in a fantastic country bar that serves phenomonal BBQ.

So when you do the math dueling pianos chicago featuring country music. How does that work?

We do the same interactive live music show only we’re adding a new wrinkle to the dueing pianos set up — we’ll performing with a fiddle player.

Are we going to see you there? Sure hope so.

Dueling Pianos Live Music in Orland Park IL

Hey everybody. I’ve done my best to take some serious time off over the Holidaze to reconnect with family. So I am a little tardy in posting this gig that came up here.

We will be at  tonight Saturday December 27 2014 from 9-12 Mid Great Live music and comedy. you know the kind of comedy where we try to be Spontaneous all over again

So bring some friends — We know you got some.

This way you don’t have to sit around the house wondering what to talk about next with all your goofy relatives. Remember you married them. Not their whole damn family.

A Successful Dueling Pianos Wedding Starts with The Bride

We played a Dueling Pianos Wedding Reception this last weekend. Great couple. They got married after meeting online. This seems to be a new trend and understandably so. Our 2nd son met his girlfriend online. They’re a wonderful couple.

So were this week’s bride and groom. Jenn and Brandon had a relaxed and memorable night with their family and friends.

As a leader of wedding music bands, I find it essential to be able to provide a wide variety of songs for your guests. We almost always have folks of multiple ages; Grandparents on down to toddlers and newborns to everyone in between.

Plus, we’ve got to get the first dance requests and the dedications all squared away. Sometimes the couple wants traditional songs; sometimes they need obscure hits from long ago. We can play them with the band or with a solo piano player. Other times we just play the recording on our DJ rig.

This week’s wedding couple were totally chill. Jenn told me, “I want 3 things at my wedding. Good food, good drinks and good music.” Well, we took care of one those for her.

She told me she and Brandon could not agree on a song selection for their First Dance. They had eclectic tastes in music and yet they couldn’t agree on anything they found. Then one night they were sitting on the couch watching videos and this song came on.

Discussion settled.

It definitely got lots of laughs from their friends and the song set the tone for the rest of the wedding reception entertainment.

Thank you for including us in a most intimate family affair. It is an honor to be able to perform music for a living. It is an even bigger honor being selected to play music for you on such a special and memorable evening.

A Chicago Piano Player Walks Into A Bar and Says …

You know … I ain’t no Einstein … but …

As with every Full Moon this one has it’s share of really cool moments. There were a group of folks from Serbia who came in where I was performing as a singing piano player entertainer. They were part of a travel agency junket. You know, where the tourism bureau invites a bunch travel agents from another country so they can pitch packages for their customers to come to Chicago.

They were from halfway around the world; a part of the world I have precious little knowledge of – and I’m thinking, “What can I play for them that they like and I know?”

So do you know what they ask for? Today’s Country music hits. That’s right. They want Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean and Eric Church and Taylor Swift. Amazing, isn’t it?

We have become a very small world. The barriers and traditional boundaries are evaporating. They don’t exist anymore. Whether it is the fault of the internet or YouTube or satellite TV/radio or video on demand that has broken down the barriers … or … it’s just the fact that we are all one human race. The results are in:

There is no more us and them. There is no mystery about the guy across the pond or the people who live north of here or in that county. We are all the same – with the same desires and dreams. It’s all one group. And the people that realize this are the ones who get to accept, receive and observe the good things in life.

When we think of ourselves as “Citizens of the Universe” we think of ourselves as part of the whole. chicago piano player live music party entertaners chicago bars dueling pianos Sure we have our likes and dislikes. But when we have our minds open we find we are all amazingly similar. That makes things super easy when you look at it like that, don’t you think?.

I think Einstein said it best, “A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest … Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Your piano player can make that start to happen. Call now. +1 773-527-7417


Illinois Dueling Pianos

Hey hey hey! We’re back in Batavia IL again. Dueling pianos chicago suburbs. You asked for it, You got it! illinois dueling pianos 

Open Range Grill is making a lot of people happy with their tasty menu of food AND live music lately. All American Dueling Pianos will be back on August 23 2014 for another great night of music and comedy. You know us. You love us. You know you love us. So come on down and bring some friends. We know you got some.

Jeremy runs a fun and efficient staff. His chef has got all the right ingredients for quick, tasty food for everyone. Even me. Most of you know what a food snob I can be.

So mark the date. Call ’em up at 630.466.0727 Make your reservation now. Open Range Grill is on North Water in Batavia.

Live music and comedy with All American Dueling Pianos Saturday, August 23 2014 See you there! Illinois Dueling Pianos


Dueling pianos entertainment for events


I’ll be back in Peoria IL this weekend for two shows. Thanks to The Waterhouse and central Illinois dueling pianos.

Last time we were here I caught this breath taking rainbow over the river front. We know how everyday life has the habit of throwing us curve balls from time to time. But when we really stop and take notice, you’ve got to give the universe for coming up with something as Gorgeous as this gem!

It’s the same thing with live music. Dueling pianos especially has the good tradition of letting us enjoy ourselves with live music and comedy. Party entertainers from central Illinois dueling pianos is the perfect entertainment for events. Enjoy the miracle of live music. we can’t guarantee you a rainbow every time but we can guarantee you’ll have fun you will laugh and you will remember the good time for years to come. Live USC is a gift from the universe. Enjoy it whenever you can!

Here is another gem from the universe just outside The Waterhouse in Peoria IL where central Illinois dueling pianos will be performing. See you there.