Pack your next event’s entertainment full of emotion

Putting together a successful corporate event means that a lot of moving parts are working together successfully. 

And if it’s your responsibility, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the following questions: 

How do I make it perfect? 

What’s going to help me differentiate this event from all the other ones – in a good way? 

How can I personalize the event to create lasting memories for all of those in attendance? 

What can I do to ensure that my colleagues are singing my praises, instead of suggesting I take on a different job? 

Well, one way is to pack your event full of emotion. You’d be surprised just how important emotion is to the success of any event. 

Here’s an article that I found on the importance of emotion within event strategy, and I think you’ll find it interesting. Article

I understand just how important emotion is when connecting with an audience, and make it an integral part of every single performance. 

To get started on creating a successful and memorable event for you, let’s talk. 

You can reach me at 773-527-7417. 

I look forward to talking to you! 

A Great Party Entertainer Makes A Difference

A Great Party Entertainer Makes A Difference

A Party Entertainer?

That sounds like one of the all time GREAT party ideas. Call now to get your date. A good entertainer can make your party memorable. A GREAT party entertainer will give people memories that will last a lifetime.

Great memories begin with great party ideas and a party entertainer that gives his all at your event is worth their weight in gold. Don’t trust your party entertainment with amateurs. You require a personalized, interactive highly customized event entertainment package. A powerful platform with all of the bells and whistles will cost an arm and a leg. Or at least an arm.

But for an affordable and attainable rate, you too can get a quality, professional piano entertainer for your next event.

You don’t have to have your own piano. It can be okay if you have one. But the idea that you have a party that needs entertainment makes all the difference. We also can provide our classic, digital grand piano that is very portable. We can set it up in a 4 X 4 foot print. Not much space at all.

Give us a call and see if your date is available. Dan does shows all over the USA and in Europe. So dates are booked far in advance.