Company Event Entertainment Just Got Easier

So now that I know you all like my new logo, I want to talk about all the company event entertainment coming up that we have on tap for everyone.

As you know the Holiday season is upon us. If you’re not sure, then just turn on your TV or your radio and you will the semblance of Christmas ads already in full swing. I guess advertisers are getting a good rate now that the elections are over.

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Great Entertainment for Events

We have a wide variety of live music acts available for your company Christmas party again this year. Most importantly — it is very affordable when you go with one of the great piano players we have on board. Namely Me. Dan Gillogly. Okay … so it ain’t bragging if you can do it. But as much fun as you guys have, it is more fun for me.

We had another fantastic night of entertainment last Saturday. People came together singing songs and laughing and having a great time listening to live music as their entertainment.

Your party planning never got easier. Just pick up the phone and call. We may still have your date available. There’s always one way to find out. If you’re the one in charge of finding great entertainment for company event this year, give me a call. I can GUARANTEE  you will have fun!