Corporate Entertainment Dueling Pianos

We have a gig up in Green Bay WI this week. A major food company has hired us to entertain at their corporate event. They have added a new twist. They have turned the whole evening into a fund raising event for one of their favorite charitites.

Avoiding all appearance of frivolous spending, this company (like so many others’) chose to add charitable works to its evening of fun.

Entertainment is our business. Corporate entertainment is our specialty. Wit all of the Occupy Wall Street protests taking place in over a hundred cities across America in the last 2 months, corporate event planners have come up with thee perfect solution. Have your party and raise public awareness at the same time. Brilliant!

For our part we are donating 100% of our tips to their charity as well. More details to follow.

Be socially conscious, get professional corporate entertainment for events at a great price and still let your employees blow off steam in a nice relaxing evening of good clean comedy and music.

It’s a Win-Win-Win!

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