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Comedy — How Am I Supposed To Do This with Music?

So I was thinking the other day. I know that’s a bad habit. But I do it anyway. Comedy

The thing is, I find myself thinking more and more all the time about this and thinking about that but it doesn’t stop me or slow me down at all.

You’d think I’d be done by now. But No-o-o-o-o-o!!!

I keep doing it all the time. Sometimes I don’t even notice I’m doing it. It just happens. Without my knowledge.

Thinking that is.

Thinking about things I’ve already thought about and things that I think I should think about in case something I was just thinking about should happen to come true. It’s ridiculous really and there appears to be no end in sight. None.

So I came up with a possible solution. Something I think might work (damn it I did it again). I don’t know if it will work or not.

Anyway, here it is. I think I should think about the things I want to think about and nothing else. Comedy works. Music is fun. Sports are a little annoying but whatever. 

What do you think?

(Crap!) Now I’m going to think about your thoughts which could be worse than being stuck on my own.

Well, have at it.

As you long as you don’t respond with “Let me think about it”.

We’ve got enough of that going on around here.

Need some custom written comedy and music for your next corporate event? Give me a call. I will think about it. But when I’m done, I’ll have some excellent live music and comedy all ready for you that will improve employee production, increase their profit potential and deliver your message and mission statement faster, more efficiently and completely legally.

Music and comedy. The most fun you can have with your mouth in public!

Custom Music and Comedy for Your Event

Piano Music Show Dan Gillogly and Flip Schultz team up for some “Make A Song” time.

View Piano Music Show “Make A Song” Video

Music and comedy walk hand in hand down the primrose path to your door. Knock Knock. I said KNOCK KNOCK!

No. It’s better than that. Use comedy and music to develop your message to your clients, your sales team, your mother’s next door neighbor’s friend. That’s how versatile it is.

Here is the first in a series of videos we have produced for you. This is the art of improvisation on your stage. Give us some tiny bits of information and let us take it from there.

Clean comedy and music for your event.


Call us today for more info 773 527 7417


MLB Food 2015 Makes The Great American Past Time Even Greater

Here is my latest Blogcast! 

A variation on the blog post I sent up on Opening Day in MLB. This week we regurgitate an age old topic with a new new twist: MLB Food 2015

Enjoy! And be sure to share with your friends. We’re sure you got some … !!!

Listen To This Hilarious New Blogcast w/ Comedy Music

Howdy All!
Welcome to our new Comedy Blogcast! 

This is the first in what may prove to be a very successful series of blogcasts.

Followers of this blog (and there are thousands of you every month right now) have the keen sense of wit and mental faculties to remember this very popular blog from last week.

Only this time I turn on the mics and get a good take; an interview, if you will, of the principle characters from this news style podcast. Thanks to The Onion for such consistent inspiration.

Please let me know how I did. Rate it with the the choices at the bottom here.

Also be sure to contact me to write custom material for your trade show entertainment, for your corporate events and your coming out parties. Our team has been producing shows for a couple of decades now. You should get it on it.

Call Dan 773-527-7417 right now. 


Prayers Up Over 40% During March Madness

The Office of God (TOOG) has reported a 44.7% increase in prayers received for the entire month of March. MARCH MADNESS 

While this may not be an annual anomaly, it certainly is a seasonal trend seen every March. 

Statisticians cite March Madness as the underlying factor present in this springtime uptick.

izzo-prayingIt is a welcomed resurgence out polling Christmas, Easter and Election seasons combined. No other sports activity out paces March Madness for prayer requests. Most possibly because the majority of college basketball teams invited to the tournament don’t ever stand a chance of winning more than 2 games in a row and are, quite simply, “luckier than a frat boy on spring break”. 

Unless the respective athletic departments has done their job and stock piled a plethora of teens with over activated adrenal glands, their team will never do well in the tourney.” says Ben Counterman, head processor in the Accounting Division of TOOG.

Don’t get me wrong. We like to see the new participants. It’s good for business. Especially during praying fansEaster when we can get so much more residual income in the form of licensing and merchandising items such as kneelers, communion hosts and prayer shawls.”

There is a similar rise in requests for curses and bodily harm sent towards opposing teams coaches, players and their parents says the OOG’s main competitor Acme Satanic Systems Worldwide Industrial Processing (ASSWIP)

No one in this universe is more capable than we are of delivering on the large volume of orders that come through this time of year.” says ASSWIP – VP of Sales Dick Gozinia.

But we try to steer clear of college sports. Otherwise the NCAA may launch an investigation into our various alumni boards and boosters activities. Quite frankly they are our main investors as well. So we would rather not invite that kind of scrutiny into their, shall we say, more salient endeavors?”

Most experts agree it is a waste of perfectly good prayers on a college ball game. “Your odds are better at succeeding if you were to drop $5 bucks on a Lotto Quick Pick.” syas Mr. Counterman. “After all, when you pray for your March Madness team to do well, you’re praying for teenagers to perform well under pressure like they were highly skilled adults. And that will just never happen.” 

For more custom written comedy for your corporate event
all Danny G at 773-527-7417 

Corporate Entertainers – Minnesota Dueling Pianos

I’m kind of excited for this trip today. For several reasons. One is bcuz my kids bought me an iPad for my birthday. So I’m traveling with it for the first time.

Next, since we are arriving in Minnesota one night ahead of time, so we’re going to a Twins game tonight. Oh yeah and we get to make some dueling pianos noise tomorrow night. I love road trips