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Great Party Ideas That Create Lifelong Memories – The Cure for Presidents Day

So I have finally found one of the most perfect party ideas AND it will cure your next President’s Day.

Throw a party. Yes. That would be throw a party during Presidents Day and bring in a piano player and a award winning chef and see where that would lead.

I have many items on my bucket list. I frequently get new party ideas along with all my new song ideas and lyric ideas. But I don’t think I ever came up with throwing an afternoon party on Presidents Day. 

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No Need To Wait Until Next Year for Great Party Ideas

Well it happened for me yesterday. And what a success! Not a lot of people. Only about 10, maybe 12 folks. A few of their kids showed up. We ate great food, we sang some great songs, we sat down with friends and made great memories. You can too.

Plus, and here’s the good part, you don’t have to wait until next year’s Presidents Day. Start thinking about your outdoor BBQs and your graduation party ideas and your anniversary party ideas. We can make this another fantastic event filled and life long lasting memory creating event that will last a lifetime.

Call me to see what kind of ideas I can come up with for you and your memory tank.

Company Event Entertainment Just Got Easier

So I want to talk about all the company event entertainment coming up that we have on tap for everyone, now that I know you all like my new logo,

As you know the Holiday season is upon us. If you’re not sure, then just turn on your TV or your radio> It’s okay. It’s safe to do so now that the elections are over and done with. When you do, you will see a semblance of Christmas ads already in full swing. I guess advertisers are getting a good rate now that the politicians are out of the way.

company event entertainment with live music and comedy

Company Event Entertainment

We have a wide variety of live music acts available for your company Christmas party again this year. Most importantly — it is very affordable when you go with one of the great piano players we have on board. Namely Me. Dan Gillogly. Okay … so it ain’t bragging if you can do it. But as much fun as you guys have, it is more fun for me. I’d love to hear from you so we can get things rolling.

We had another fantastic night of entertainment last Saturday night. People came together singing songs that everyone knew the words to and laughing along with all the improvised comedy and having a great time listening to live music as their entertainment.

Your party planning never got easier. Just pick up the phone and call Amber at +1 773-527-7417. We may still have your date available. It’s hard to say. There’s always one way to find out. If you’re the one in charge of finding great entertainment for company event this year, give her a call. I can GUARANTEE  you will have fun! You guys will be talking about the great laughs for months — possibly years after the superior night of live music and comedy entertainment at your company event.

Have you completed your search for holiday entertainment ideas?

… Glad to hear it. Most people wait until the last minute and then they can’t find quality professional entertainment for their company office party. It makes it extra hard to come up with quality holiday entertainment ideas under the pressure of the calendar deadline.

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Holiday Party Planning ideas

It’s simple really. Most of the best entertainment agencies have their bookings solid by the time the leaves start to change their colors. But that’s because they have a limited number of options available for you to choose from. Not here. We don’t want you to be left out in the cold. We have a versatile entertainment company to assist you.

If you’re looking for corporate Team Building activities you can include in your company Christmas party, try a dueling pianos show.

We also have live music in the form of world class bands, jazz trios and hoola hoops.

Okay NOT hoola hoops. But when it comes to great party ideas, of course we’re going to recommend live music and comedy. It’s what we do best and it’s what we’ve been doing for well over 30 years now.

But if you’re in charge of organizing your company Christmas party for all the other Cubers, then think about a couple of these ideas.

Gingerbread Decorating Station. Everyone gets to decorate their own cookies. even take some home to the wee ones. Or better yet, build a bunch of fruit baskets that you can hand out to your friends as gifts.

Yes we know that when you call us with your date and you’re looking for holiday party planning ideas, we can deliver. It’s not an easy task being in charge of coming up with holiday party ideas for a small office — or a large one for that matter.

Give us a call right now. Let us know how we can help.
You’ll be amazed out how simple this can be.

Live music entertainment for events and holiday entertainment ideas.

Glo Glee Music from Chicago



Life As A Cruise Ship Piano Entertainer

The kids on the cruise ship are hilarious. They are very antsy and energetic. Like, constantly. But mostly right after a meal. They can’t understand how grown ups just want sit back and talk and relax after a good bite. Kids got to get up and run around. They got to do things.

This is especially so when the child has been fed a very steady diet of soft serve ice cream. It can’t be beat. They don’t want anything but french fries and ice cream. Who can blame them? If I didn’t have repercussions from eating like that I would do it all the time. It’s hypnotizing to think about. Donuts and ice cream. No veggies. No rice cakes. Just ice cream. Mmmmmmmm … mesmerizing.

I saw one little tyke this AM who didn’t look any older than 2 years old. I don’t even think he had been walking for more than a month or two. He was holding his Mom’s hand as they were walking along the pool deck to go to the buffet.

It was as if he could smell the ice cream 50 meters away because once he realized where they were going, he just looked up at his Mom as if to say, “Can’t you move any faster Lady?” I mean he was pulling on her limb as if he wasn’t going to stand for the delay in the proceedings and if she didn’t get with the program, he was going to have to release of her of her duties so he could get on over to the ice cream! “Let’s get on with it!” 2 years old.

His poor mother knew exactly what was going on and was not going to release him until he got something nutritious in him first. But she looked utterly defeated. She knew she should not have brought this kid with them on this trip. She thought she was going to catch up on her sleep. She thought she was going to relax. But Nooooo. This 2 year old needed ice cream and immediately after he was going to run around. Probably where danger existed in the form of swimming pools and slippery floors.

I can’t say I miss those days. I’m only working on this cruise ship as an entertainer because our kids are grown up and out of high school now. This is my time to sit back and watch all those parents deal with saying no to ice cream.

Company events after The Holidays?

What a great idea. Company events don’t always have to be during Christmas season. Holiday parties after New Years are a great idea too. You’re probably going to have better attendance. You can invite more friends. People are going to have more time to show up because they don’t have as many commitments. Plus, you’ll probably get a better rate at your local venues.

Company events with live music is going to provide way more long lasting memories than with a just a DJ. So give us a call. Great piano music, great dueling pianos entertainment and great live music and comedy. Laugh all night long.

piano music piano payer

Piano Player Dan Gillogly

So think about it for next year. Or better yet, just do it this year. Get your people together for a memorably fun night of live music and comedy. Piano music with style. Chicago Piano player Dan Gillogly travels all over the place to bring more fun than is legally allowed by law. Do it now.


Piano Music For Your Company Event Ideas

I was driving to play solo piano music at a company event. The wind was howling but the sun was nowhere in sight. Someone misplaced it long with all the snow.

It was a warm December day and there was still no snow on the ground the entire season. It was as if winter had forgotten about us and left town.

The load in was going to be tough but not as bad as it would have been last year when a good solid two feet of snow had already fallen by this time.

I found that the path was cleared and the hand truck more than up to the task of loading all the sound gear in to the venue. Yet because of the balmy temperatures I had broken into a healthy sweat long before the first note was played.

This was a day time gig. These company event ideas are sometimes a lunch time function. I guess the company that hired me thought this was going to go better during the day when no adult refreshments were expected to be served.

In my professional opinion I thought otherwise. But then again no one asked my professional opinion on this particular subject. So I broke into a series of interactive sing along bits laced with audience participation, team building skills and activities that everyone enjoyed. 

piano music entertainment for events

Live Music at Company Events makes Things Hum!

By the end of the lunch everyone was gathered around the piano singing and dancing without a care in the world. It was as if there was an invisible veil lifted from the ordinary day to day activities of our work a day world.

Live music does that. Alcohol and night time helps, no doubt. Yet in the end it was good, quality, professional live music and comedy played by a piano player that saved this company event from being another boring holiday party.

Entertainment for events really spices things up considerably when you add great piano music.


Live music really makes your parties really live.

Holiday Piano Music w/o the Nausea

piano music entertainment

Holiday Music Entertainment That Doesn’t Make You Sick!

If you think piano music for company parties is nauseating, then you haven’t heard me play piano. Entertainment for events is always entertaining when you have Dan Gloglee behind the piano singing and cracking jokes. Holiday party entertainment now

Holiday Party Entertainers Dont Have to Be Bad

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Don’t Be Sad!

Really! Corporate entertainers can be so much more fun than this. Dueling pianos always adds the spark you need to get people up and dancing. Live music and comedy really makes a party live.

Its simple. You probably hired the last guys because they knew the cousin of the guy in the mail room, right?

well those days are gone forever. Now you know us. And when you call us we will know you. And faster that you can say Shingadda-Boom! There you have it. Live music from Chicago ready to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re at your fund raiser or company Christmas party. We can make things happen you never thought possible at your company event.

Call us. We GUARANTEE You Will Look Good B’cuz We Sound Good! 773-527-7417

Two Piano Players is Better Than One, Right?

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Such an Honor!

Did you ever get the feeling that your company events could have been so-o-o-o much more fun than that one last year?

We are the corporate entertainers you wish you had last year at your holiday party.

Dueling pianos with 2 piano players entertaining you is going to be way better than one. Trust me! This is true. We have no reason to lie to you. Okay well sometimes we do. But not that often. We only do it to make the story more interesting.

With the Holiday season just around the corner, you know you want to make it the best company Christmas party you’ve ever had.

Call us and we’ll GUARANTEE You will Look Good B’cuz We Sound Good! Live music makes it a great event. 773-527-7417

What Do You Do When You Haven’t Got Enough Money For That Party?

There are certainly a ton of election stories out on the news these days. It appears this will be a very close election. Yet which ever way things go, either for or against your candidate, one issue will remain:

We are going to be okay.

We will get out of this because we are Americans. If we work together to solve the problems we all face in this country today, then all Americans will be better off. That one fact, that one reason, is the single greatest reason why we are a great country. When we work together we are stronger than anyone or anything else out there.

Think of it like this:

If you pick up one stick and try to break it, it is very easy to do. If you pick a group of sticks, it is nearly impossible.

I also know we are going to be okay because the phones are ringing again. Companies and individuals are calling for holiday parties. Corporate events are still necessary as a wholesome way to celebrate at the end of the year.

But many companies that are small don’t really have the budget to rent a room, hire live music entertainment and cater the food. It’s just not in the cards this year.

So here is the solution:

Find some place or venue that has great entertainment already and bring your company Christmas party there.

Where? Durbins in Plainfield IL

We’ve just been hired as their live music entertainment for the weekend of December 14-15. You can have your group of 5 or 10 or 25 or more come out and enjoy some great food, excellent music and comedy and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

It’s like that bundle of sticks.

When we get together as a couple of small groups, we all get to have fun.

Isn’t that what the Holiday parties are supposed to be? Fun?

  • If you’re afraid you’re going to get the same old crappy entertainment for your event like you did last year
    ….. go to Durbin’s.
  • If you think you can’t afford to have fun this year because it’s going to be out of your budget, then
    ….. go to Durbin’s.

Durbins in Plainfield Dueling Pianos Dec 14 & 15