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You Call it Dueling Piano Music. Your Soul Calls it Stress Relief.

We played a corporate event with our dueling pianos show last week.

We are up in Wisconsin providing entertainment for events like these all the time. While every night is special, I need to tell you about this one.

We were performing to a group of law enforcement folks.

Sheriffs and deputies and their office staff. There were about 130 people in attendance. We took one look at the room, noticed there were mostly men in the house and thought, “Keeping 50% of these guys would be a major success.” Usually in a corporate event keeping 25% is successful. It’s just the way it is.

Let’s face it most folks go to a convention or a conference to meet other people in their industry and to reacquaint with old friends. So live music entertainment is the last thing on their minds.

So we went up there on stage and tried something a little different. We didn’t go up there and do our usual, “Hey! Here we are! We’re going to rock the house!” Instead we just went up there, laid down a saucy groove, played a couple of solos and listened to them get quiet as they began to listen. We introduced each other, waited for the applause and then went into our show.

It was remarkable! We kept over 90% of the people in the room.

We know we’re good at what we do. We know we will get people feeling good and singing along (even if they’re not inclined to sing). We just don’t always know how you’re going to get there. Our methods are to take chaos and organize it somehow. But honestly the audience tells us everything we need to know and we adjus from there.

By the end of the night, we had everyone gathered around the pianos, arm in arm singing at the top of their lungs. An organized chaos if ever there was one.

Handshakes all around and platitudes galore.

free stress relief dueling piano music entertainment for events

You call it Live Music Entertainment. Your Soul calls it Stress Relief!

One of the quotes from one of the wives said, “You don’t kow how much these guys needed this!” Someone else explained, “These guys are under intense pressure everyday. You gave them some much needed relief.”

I’ve kept thinking about that all week. These folks in law enforcement see the rest of us at our worst. Either as perpetrators when we are guilty or as the victims when we are not. I have no idea how they do it, how they hold empathy and compassion while doing their jobs. In essence, how they maintain their humanity.

Again, it wasn’t us. We were the guys behind the pianos that night and we are good at what we do. But it is the music. It is the power of the music that speaks to all of us – when we bother to listen, it is the music that heals and nurtures and pulls us all together in the face of our day to day trials.

So let us help you. Let us come to your next event and take your guests and friends and family to a relaxing, soothing place. Let us do our jobs so you can do yours. Thanks.

You call it Dueling Piano Music. Your soul calls it Stress Relief.  

Enjoying another great corporate event entertainment

We are in San Francisco for a dueling pianos show at another great corporate event entertainment for a fantastic client. We’ve been here all week and were just finishing up.

It was a trade show for a display company. We performed on the convention floor and then later appeared at their client appreciation night.


Then we got away for some R&R afterwards. I love traveling all over the USA. corporate_entertainers1

Dueling pianos San Francisco style for your corporate event too

All American Dueling Pianos Exceptional corporate entertainers and entertainment for events.

Illinois Dueling Pianos


Every Friday & Saturday

There is a new piano bar in the Quad Cities. The Establishment Theatre is open for business with Dueling Pianos. Rock Island IL hosts this live music sensation right after ComedySportz every Friday & Saturday. This is one of the most historic towns in all of Illinois. Dueling pianosused to be right across the river in Davenport IA but now The Establishment takes front and center stage with this interactive live music event.

Host your company event with entertainment that utilizes cutting edge team building actives and games that will guarantee everyone will have fun. Interactive, team building and care free music and laughs.

The Establishment Theatre – Illinois Dueling Pianos — Every Friday & Saturday.

Metropolitan Club Piano Music – Private Party Entertainment

Dan Gillogly and Friends

Entertainment for events is available with live music Chicago-style. We have a solo pianist, dueling pianos shows and superb bands available for your event or your party or corporate event.

Give us a shout. We’ll be happy to help out.

Chicago Piano Music at The Redhead

I got a call yesterday to come fill in for my good friend Stu the Piano Guy down at The Redhead tonight. I know it’s last minute but there are always so many fun folks down here, that I had to say Yes. I hope you do too. Friday, June 10th, 2011.

Pianist Chicago

The Redhead -- Open until 4 AM

I’ll be on the early shift from 8 PM til 1130. Another guy comes in after me until 4 AM so you know this place is rockin’!

We’d love to see you there.

Worried About Bad Perceptions In These Tough Economic Times?

We have another corporate event we are producing live music for again this weekend. This one will be a dueling pianos show in Wisconsin. This is not to write about why you should show up. This will be a private event that the client has made by invitation only. We do a lot of these shows throughout the year. We produced live music for close to 125 such shows last year 2010. Not just dueling pianos shows but live music for all kinds of corporate functions.

Live Music at Corporate Events makes Things Hum!

What I wanted to talk about today was the fact that so many event planners are having a hard time selling their clients on the great benefits that live music will bring to your next corporate event. The conventional wisdom holds today that if a company or an organization is having a festive party or gathering, then they’re not being fiscally responsible. Not true!

How do you work around that ill conceived perception? Hold a Client Appreciation Night.

There are several reasons why this works so well. Here are just a few of the most important one:

  1. Honor your key employees with awards and accolades. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for the work they do. Take care of the people who take care of your company.
  2. Your key customers are given a nice relaxing evening of food, drink and dancing to live music. They will appreciate it. You can believe me because that’s exactly what so many people come and tell me after any show we’ve done.
  3. Build good will and reinforce trust between clients and sales people in a “no pressure” environment.
  4. You will look like a hero to everyone.
  5. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: Fiscally responsible and socially acceptable way to build morale, build business connections and blow off steam in this work a day world.

Dueling Pianos Goes to Des Moines IA

We saw this happen at a corporate event we played a dueling pianos show for in Des Moines, IA last month. It was a small company gathering. There were maybe 125 people invited. The staff was all of about 30 people including spouses. They rented a nice hotel room. They had a nice dinner. Then they had great live music and comedy all at an affordable price.

But the best part was people will be talking about the party for long afterwards because they all had such a great time. And the reason I know this is CEO called me personally today to tell me. (We will are already looking at dates for a Spring Event outdoors)

Be that guy who makes people relaxed and happy at your next client appreciation night. Just make sure you do it soon. You will want to build that good will before you’re going to need it.