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What’s The Next Holiday To Celebrate? Can You Say Mardi Gras? Dueling Pianos in Kankakee

Mardi Gras Dueling Pianos in Kankakee Feb 7 2015 

dueling pianos party ideas 50th birthday

Surprise Party Ideas with Live Music Fun!

We had the opportunity to get down to Kankakee IL twice during the holiday party season this year. It’s fascinating how powerful word of mouth referrals can be for us. We played live music at two events both hosted by the same venue; The Kankakee Country Club. I practically feel like a member now.

The first party was a company event for the local Bank. Small party of employees and spouses. Awards and bonuses were handed out and then the party began. Dance floor was filled al night long.

The second night this month was New Years Eve entertainment with an extra added bonus: Wende’s 50th Birthday Party. Surprise! Except she knew what was going on cuz that’s the kind of woman Wende is. Plus, her husband Rende spilled the beans earlier …. ooohhh say, like …. 9 months earlier. No biggie tho. Their kids were there, her parents and her entire family. We had a DJ after we finished. What a pleasure to be invited to such a fun filled event.

We’ll be back in Kankakee dueling pianos style coming up this February 7 2015 for a fund raiser for the local Chambers of Commerce. As is the case with many local communities, the Kankakee area has had to continue to change with the times. Their local Chamber is no different. They’re still providing jobs for families and helping small businesses grow.

We will be hosted by another stalwart venue perfect for company events; The Knights of Columbus Hall. KC Halls all over the USA are hosting community events such as fund raisers and charity events designed to benefit local churches and businesses.

So come on down to the Kankakee KC Hall this Feb 7 2015 for a first rate night of live music and comedy featuring one of our most popular shows, All American Dueling Pianos. Doors open at 6 PM and you can call the Kankakee County Chamber 815-351-9068

Celebrate Mardi Gras with All American Dueling Pianos with all of our friends. 

Live Band Dueling Pianos

So we played a dueling pianos show last night at Bar Louie’s up in Mil-Town (a.k.a. Milwaukee), Chicago’s largest suburb in Wisconsin and I must say that, once again, we had a great time. Go figure. People in Wisconsin are always way too easy to get along with.

I was with the great Ted Oliver across from me. And he had invited some local musicians he’s been jamming with from a band called C.I.A. Which is short for Caught In The Act I think.

Anyway, they were realllllyy good. Stan and Mark were on sax and trumpet while Tom came up and shredded his vocal chords on some Chicago and Journey and various and sundry hits. They’re wives and friends were there and I must say, it might go down as one of the highlights of my year.

There are always one or twon gigs which stand out as highlights of the year for me. This one would go in the Top 5 for me for 2015, that’s for sure. These guys were exceptional. They’re energy was infectious for me and Ted and for everyone in attendance. I played and sang differently because they were there.

You see, there is something about live music that is completely disarming for most people. When we play dueling pianos we can get people dancing and singing along. But when we added those horns, people were downright defenseless against the power of live music.

I would like to think it is us. I know we’re the ones behind the instruments. We’re the ones on the mics cracking jokes and imploring folks to sing along.

But it is the power of the music that makes it work. It is the universal language of music that is coming into your soul and creating joy and beauty and memories that will last your entire lifetime. Maybe beyond.

Will these musicians remember on their death bed the long days working that senseless day job? Or will they remember with fondness and a great sense of fulfillment the nights of playing music in front of people who truly enjoyed it too?

Let us create memories for you at your next get together. It would be an honor. Especially if you’re in Mil-Town or the surrounding ‘burbs.

All American Dueling Pianos. Creating Lifelong Memories One Song At A Time. 773-527-7417

BBQ Dueling Pianos with A Country Music Flair

We have another in town dueling pianos show coming up

Wednesday, March 18 2015

We will be singing and playing piano at Bub City. That’s right. It’s a country bar. Great BBQ to go with some great live music too. Chicago dueling pianos in a bar setting. Rare for us. Fortunate for you.

We usually perform our dueling pianos show for corporate events and fund raiser entertainment. But this night is different. This is a public show in a fantastic country bar that serves phenomenal BBQ.

So when you do the math dueling pianos chicago featuring country music. How does that work?

We do the same interactive live music show only we’re adding a new wrinkle to the dueing pianos set up — we’ll performing with a fiddle player.

Are we going to see you there? Sure hope so.

Check us out out here at Bub City 

435 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 610-4200

Come for the BBQ Stay for the Live Music

Dueling Pianos Live Music in Orland Park IL

Hey everybody. I’ve done my best to take some serious time off over the Holidaze to reconnect with family. So I am a little tardy in posting this gig that came up here.

We will be at  tonight Saturday December 27 2014 from 9-12 Mid Great Live music and comedy. you know the kind of comedy where we try to be Spontaneous all over again

So bring some friends — We know you got some.

This way you don’t have to sit around the house wondering what to talk about next with all your goofy relatives. Remember you married them. Not their whole damn family.

A Successful Dueling Pianos Wedding Starts with The Bride

We played a Dueling Pianos Wedding Reception this last weekend. Great couple. They got married after meeting online. This seems to be a new trend and understandably so. Our 2nd son met his girlfriend online. They’re a wonderful couple.

So were this week’s bride and groom. Jenn and Brandon had a relaxed and memorable night with their family and friends.

As a leader of wedding music bands, I find it essential to be able to provide a wide variety of songs for your guests. We almost always have folks of multiple ages; Grandparents on down to toddlers and newborns to everyone in between.

Plus, we’ve got to get the first dance requests and the dedications all squared away. Sometimes the couple wants traditional songs; sometimes they need obscure hits from long ago. We can play them with the band or with a solo piano player. Other times we just play the recording on our DJ rig.

This week’s wedding couple were totally chill. Jenn told me, “I want 3 things at my wedding. Good food, good drinks and good music.” Well, we took care of one those for her.

She told me she and Brandon could not agree on a song selection for their First Dance. They had eclectic tastes in music and yet they couldn’t agree on anything they found. Then one night they were sitting on the couch watching videos and this song came on.

Discussion settled.

It definitely got lots of laughs from their friends and the song set the tone for the rest of the wedding reception entertainment.

Thank you for including us in a most intimate family affair. It is an honor to be able to perform music for a living. It is an even bigger honor being selected to play music for you on such a special and memorable evening.

Dueling Piano Music Live in Batavia One Night Only – Be There

Hey Folks …. quick reminder for this Saturday August we have a live music and comedy show featuring dueling piano music going on at The Range Grill & Tap in Batavia

We’ll start around 9 PM. This is a live piano music and comedy show. It feature two piano (hence the dueling pianos moniker) If you haven’t seen a dueling piano show then now is the time. We put two pianos on one stage and play for three hours. You get to make the requests so you can hear the piano music you like. If you’re with someone who is having a birthday or a couple who is celebrating an anniversary, then we’ll sing some catchy (and sometimes embarrassing tune) that is all in good fun.

Get on down early for some great food and drink.

The Range is located … here. I don’t think they are taking reservations, but Jeremy will get you in and get you fed and we’ll take care of the rest. Great Live music. Dueling Pianos Music in Batavia IL


dueling piano music

Great Live Music and Comedy to go with tasty Food and Drinks This Sat Aug 23rd



Illinois Dueling Pianos

Hey hey hey! We’re back in Batavia IL again. Dueling pianos chicago suburbs. You asked for it, You got it! illinois dueling pianos 

Open Range Grill is making a lot of people happy with their tasty menu of food AND live music lately. All American Dueling Pianos will be back on August 23 2014 for another great night of music and comedy. You know us. You love us. You know you love us. So come on down and bring some friends. We know you got some.

Jeremy runs a fun and efficient staff. His chef has got all the right ingredients for quick, tasty food for everyone. Even me. Most of you know what a food snob I can be.

So mark the date. Call ’em up at 630.466.0727 Make your reservation now. Open Range Grill is on North Water in Batavia.

Live music and comedy with All American Dueling Pianos Saturday, August 23 2014 See you there! Illinois Dueling Pianos


Holiday Party Entertainers Dont Have to Be Bad

music and comedy, corporate entertainers, dueling pianos,

Don’t Be Sad!

Really! Corporate entertainers can be so much more fun than this. Dueling pianos always adds the spark you need to get people up and dancing. Live music and comedy really makes a party live.

Its simple. You probably hired the last guys because they knew the cousin of the guy in the mail room, right?

well those days are gone forever. Now you know us. And when you call us we will know you. And faster that you can say Shingadda-Boom! There you have it. Live music from Chicago ready to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re at your fund raiser or company Christmas party. We can make things happen you never thought possible at your company event.

Call us. We GUARANTEE You Will Look Good B’cuz We Sound Good! 773-527-7417

Two Piano Players is Better Than One, Right?

corporate entertainers, company events, dueling pianos,

Such an Honor!

Did you ever get the feeling that your company events could have been so-o-o-o much more fun than that one last year?

We are the corporate entertainers you wish you had last year at your holiday party.

Dueling pianos with 2 piano players entertaining you is going to be way better than one. Trust me! This is true. We have no reason to lie to you. Okay well sometimes we do. But not that often. We only do it to make the story more interesting.

With the Holiday season just around the corner, you know you want to make it the best company Christmas party you’ve ever had.

Call us and we’ll GUARANTEE You will Look Good B’cuz We Sound Good! Live music makes it a great event. 773-527-7417

Beverly Arts Center Dueling Pianos Show

Another gorgeous day in Chicago. Summer times here in this great city can be humidly brutal or absolutely fabulously phenomenal! Today is the latter.

Which might explain why there are so-o-o-o many tickets still available for our show this Saturday night down at The Beverly Arts Center on 111th and Western.

This is a superb venue with great sight lines, excellent sound system and two outstanding pianos.

So if you’re still open and you wnt to cap off a wonderful summer day in Chicago with some hilarious Chicago-style live music & comedy — go get your seats now at the box office or online.

Located in Chicago’s historic Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood, the Beverly Arts Center is a multidiscipline, multicultural center offering fine arts education, programming and entertainment for all ages. The BAC has classes in art, music, dance, and theater; rotating exhibitions of art by established and emerging artists; and one of the most dynamic performing arts programs in the city.

And this Saturday we have live music Chicago & comedy waiting for you. Get out and get some fun with your sun.