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Fundraising Ideas in Ohio

An excellent example of

Fundraising Ideas in Central Ohio

You know I am constantly doing charity events and we as entertainers know truly the value of giving something back. We are entertainers who love to provide live music entertainment whenever we can. And we are ALWAYS in support of communities who are doing their best to help out all of our kids. Kids are kids wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if its your church or your school or your activities center. We believe, my wife and I, that if we keep the kids busy and give them opportunities to experience a wide variety of activities, they will grow in confidence. Then when it’s their turn, they’ll be contributing members of society wherever they wind up.

In fact, here is an example of one of our kids in action.

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Even A Little Bit Can Make A HUGE Difference

Our oldest daughter, Zaya, is in school at Ohio University. (No that’s not her in the picture) She is involved in an excellent example of fundraising ideas. She is currently studying social work there in Athens OH. She is doing a great job so far. She is taking a full load of Honors Classes in their Tutorial Program. She is also working 25-30 a week at a family shelter.

Please give whatever you can. Because even a small donation can be HUGE to a child in need. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities 


Holiday Piano Music w/o the Nausea

piano music entertainment

Holiday Music Entertainment That Doesn’t Make You Sick!

If you think piano music for company parties is nauseating, then you haven’t heard me play piano. Entertainment for events is always entertaining when you have Dan Gloglee behind the piano singing and cracking jokes. Holiday party entertainment now

Chicago Piano Player Has Some Fun w/ 29 yo Woman Celebrating Her 23rd Birthday

So I’m working a gig in Chicago as a piano player and there were probably 6 or 7 women in the room tonight who were VERY opinionated about what I was playing and singing at the piano. It was kind of sad. This was one of my favorite Chicago bars. Last night was the same way. Women who would give the thumbs down to the song I was playing or give the universal signal to cut the song. I didn’t know why that was happening. It was rare that I had that many young ladies who were so eager to express their views so openly. Luckily, and as is most often the case, for every one dissatisfied patron, there are at least 3 or 4 VERY happy people to more than balance things out and maintain equilibrium.

So after the third time of the yucky face being made by this woman who didn’t look a day over 35, I finally had to tell this one girl, who was celebrating her “23rd birthday” (Yeah, Right!), that it was okay to make a request instead of just putting down and dismissing what was already requested by someone else. She seemed offended that I would make that recommendation to her. It was like she expected me to KNOW what she wanted to hear or something.

I handed her a pencil and a request pad and said let me know what you want to hear. She appeared perplexed. Positively mystified. Befuddled even. No. I take that back. She was kind of befuddled anyway. I mean, alcohol HAD been consumed in great quantities by this time of night. Even so, she was searching her meager conscious memory banks for a song to ask me to play.

As she started to pull out her phone “to look up songs” (or so she said), the women on either side of her came to her rescue.

They saddled up to her and started talking her through the various selections that may or may not be within a definite possibility of being performed by me; the Chicago piano player in the bar. (It does help that I put out a song list of over 1000 songs that I know.)

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These were Not the Only Women Having FUN on the Gig Last Night

She eventually came up with a song request, scrawled it down on the pad and placed it on the piano.

I pretended not to notice.

She pushed it closer.

I continued playing ‘Desperado’.

Then she picked it up again and waved in front of me beckoning me to take the piece of paper from her pasty hand.

I looked right at her, smiled … then continued singing.

One of the ladies next to her whispered in her ear and pointed towards the tip jar.

Now I have to say here, that I usually don’t “play to the tip jar”. It’s crass and it doesn’t really make a difference. Some people tip and other people don’t. Besides, I really do want to play everything everyone asks for. It’s one of the reasons I’m a decent entertainer. I want everyone to have a good time. But I was having too much fun with our Birthday Girl to stop.

She placed a crumpled up 5 spot on the request and grimaced at me.

I immediately stopped and looked at her request. It was ‘Baby Got Back’. Not your typical piano bar request but a frequent one nevertheless.

I didn’t even announce the song. I just looked her in the eye and said roundly into the mic, “Oh My Gawd Becky! Look at Her Buu-utt!!!”

She exploded into a gleeful shriek along with 3 of her friends and started jumping up and down and hugging each other.

The women who had helped our Birthday Girl out just looked at me and we laughed.

Balance had been restored in the world of live music entertainment in Chicago.

A Chicago Piano Player Walks Into A Bar and Says …

You know … I ain’t no Einstein … but …

As with every Full Moon this one has it’s share of really cool moments. There were a group of folks from Serbia who came in where I was performing as a singing piano player entertainer. They were part of a travel agency junket. You know, where the tourism bureau invites a bunch travel agents from another country so they can pitch packages for their customers to come to Chicago.

They were from halfway around the world; a part of the world I have precious little knowledge of – and I’m thinking, “What can I play for them that they like and I know?”

So do you know what they ask for? Today’s Country music hits. That’s right. They want Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean and Eric Church and Taylor Swift. Amazing, isn’t it?

We have become a very small world. The barriers and traditional boundaries are evaporating. They don’t exist anymore. Whether it is the fault of the internet or YouTube or satellite TV/radio or video on demand that has broken down the barriers … or … it’s just the fact that we are all one human race. The results are in:

There is no more us and them. There is no mystery about the guy across the pond or the people who live north of here or in that county. We are all the same – with the same desires and dreams. It’s all one group. And the people that realize this are the ones who get to accept, receive and observe the good things in life.

When we think of ourselves as “Citizens of the Universe” we think of ourselves as part of the whole. chicago piano player live music party entertaners chicago bars dueling pianos Sure we have our likes and dislikes. But when we have our minds open we find we are all amazingly similar. That makes things super easy when you look at it like that, don’t you think?.

I think Einstein said it best, “A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest … Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Your piano player can make that start to happen. Call now. +1 773-527-7417


Does This Have Anything To Do with Piano Music?

I’m not sure what if anything this has to do with piano music in Chicago or anywhere else for that matter. But I was just relaxing watching The Bears lose another perfectly winnable game today, when I saw this on my bathroom floor.

Now we all know that we don’t always keep our floors clean and if you’re going to leave socks on the floor, you may as well leave them on your bathroom floor, which is exactly how I live.
and I saw this old man’s face scrunched up — looking like the disgruntled Bears fan that I am today.


live music and comedy available live music and piano music anytime anywhere.

Do You See It?

Seriously old man face in a sock piano music and comedy

Tilt Your Head?

Seriously old man face in a sock piano music and comedy

There You Go

Thanks for playing along.

Live piano music and comedy +1 773-527-7417

Country Club Entertainers

We do so many gigs day in and day out that we occasionally run into other entertainers. Tonight we are at Barrington Hills Country Club getting ready to do a dueling pianos show.

Tonight it will be Mexican theme party so during cocktails we have an authentic Mexican band playing. Check back here and I’ll send up some video of these guys!

Dueling pianos entertainers live music entertainment

Mexican Theme Party

Amazing musicians fantastic entertainers.

Do All Your Party Ideas Really Need A Reason?

I’m not sure. But I do know this. There is no bad reason — Especially this time of year when everyone wants a Holiday Party. Any of your Party Ideas is a good one as long as you have the right people surrounding you.

party ideas for adults birthday parties piano music

This one was HUGE!

We had some surprise birthday party ideas this month in anticipation of your youngest turning 18. I think it went well. But you can never tell. Teenagers don’t let on real quickly. That’s for all teenagers not just ours’.

We had a call to play a 4oth birthday party idea — dueling pianos. This guy’s wife loves a dueling piano show. She is also totally into the 80s music. I don’t know why. The 80s didn’t turn out much music of any significance. Well, okay there was that one song. But the rest of them were kind of … you know … 80s.
But you don’t need to do a dueling pianos show. You can have a dueling pianos show but just hire one piano player. Same great vibe at half the price.
We are party entertainers who know how to have fun everytime we’re playing piano music for you.

Most people when you mention birthday party ideas think of little kids and hats and streamers and goofy games. Well adults can have some special games too. Trust me. I am a professional. I’ve seen how you behave in the privacy of your own homes when you invite me over to play piano music at your parties. It is truly a sight to behold.

It’s not just the singing along. It’s the interaction. I’m having the most fun when you guys are engaged and having fun with me. It’s the only way to go really when you think about it. No need for silly hats. But it does help. No need for overt sexual innuendo. But it does happen. No need for you to actually sing along to enjoy singing along. Sometime the most fun you can have with your mouth in public is not singing along. Scream along. If you add pitch it’s a bonus.

Let’s do it all over again. This time I’ll bring the piano so we don’t have to mess up yours. Call now before all the good party ideas are used up for your date. +1-773-527-7417

September in July?

It was 53 degrees this AM in Chicago. I didn’t know if I should turn on the heat or just close all the windows and climb under a blanket.

I guess this is just preparing me for next week. We’ll be in San Francisco. I’ve been booked to play my third gay wedding. Pretty cool really. Great couple. Really chill about the whole thing. Even tho he told me he never thought this was ever going to happen in their lifetimes. I’m just doing some solo piano music as a piano entertainer for them. But we also produce wedding bands for same sex wedding receptions. Hell even I never thought I’d see the day. same sex wedding ideas

Illinois just legalized same sex unions and it sure as hell took long enough. Better late than never.

I’ll be sure to post some pictures. Party on!

Glo Glee Music. Live music and comedy for wedding reception.

Jazz Piano Artists Series – Bill Evans

I love YouTube. I just caught this discussion or rather interview with Bill Evans the great jazz pianist, composer and arranger. He talks about the creative process. Yet the interviewer talks about how as an amateur or a part timer who doesn’t have to explore at the level that Bill Evans is at, does not have the time to improvise past a certain skill level. Jazz piano artists

But Mr Evans says “You’ve got to be real and authentic.”

I would hope that’s what we try to re-create here on everyone one of our gigs. We play shows all over the USA. I think that’s one thing that we need to be highly aware of, no matter what style of music we are playing, to remain authentic. An audience can always detect BS.

Anyway, check out this short video.


Piano Music Chicago

I’ll be back down at The Redhead for the late night set. Pop on down for a little post-Holiday revile. That’s pronounced Rev-vel-lee. Not re-Vile.

You knew that tho didn’t you?

It will be a rockin’ good time. Even better if you show up. Seriously. Great piano music from me .. Danny G … goin’ till 4 AM Live music in Chicago. Now you know where I’ll be. Where are you gonna be?

The Redhead is located at 16 W Ontario, Chicago IL and we’d love to see you down there. always great live music featuring the of Chicago’s piano entertainers.