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April Fools Day Afficianados Gather Round

The Top 5 April Fools Day Jokes for 2015 

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#5 Cellophane Office

April Fools Office Pranks

April Fools Office Pranks

This is one of the most common office pranks for April Fools Day. Yet it made this list because it required a great deal of time and dedication. Try this when you have enough time to get the job done beautifully. BONUS: If you try it on the most anal retentive member of your office staff.

#4 Apple announces a brand new wooden iphone

wooden iphone

Today Apple introduced a brand new line of limited edition Wooden iPhones. Apple says these will only be available in stores located on streets ending in the letter ‘K’ or in sunny parts of town that have Chinese spy satellites overhead. You choose the color!

#3 Velcro Track Shoes


A unique training shoe made entirely of Velcro. Makes it harder to pull the foot up off of the specially designed velcro track. Increases muscle thru resistance training. Makes actual track meet times much quicker when wearing regular shoes.

#2 Free Gas from 6-7 PM Only


This offer is from Shell Oil from 6-7 PM ONLY Today. only one fill up per customer. No gas tanks allowed. You must actually fill up your car. No lawnmowers and no motorcycles. Shell said it will not announce where this gas station will be located until 230 PM on April 1st. But it has hinted that it will be a Midwestern city in the US that begins in the letter ‘I’.

#1 Conspiracy Theorists Arrested on Conspiracy Charges 

arrestsTodd Grangerson of East Lansing, MI finally got his wish and made it on the local evening news today. Mr. Grangerson, 21, offered to fund a trip to the North Sea to recover evidence that clearly shows sea otters have been genetically altered to mate with jelly fish. Since he had a few hundred takers n the offer, they have all been arrested and detained on conspiracy charges.

Please let us know your Top Favorite April Fools Day news items and we’ll publish them here.