Is This Really A Cubs World Series?

Is This Really A Cubs World Series?

Really?!? A Cubs World Series

A Cubs World Series? Did this really happen? Are the Cubs actually in The World Series this year? It’s hard to believe. There are many things that are tough to get our heads around this year. But what if? Cubs fans, like me, are finally allowed to think about, “What If … ?”

So we will see. I am a True Cubs Fan. I don’t really believe anything will happen. Something always does. Let’s face it, they ARE the Cubs.

While other Cubs Fans are excited, I remain skeptical. Dubious at best.

Something is going to happen. Then we’re left to think let’s wait’ll next year. But this might be different. This might be the real deal. Maybe the Cubs won’t be like the old Flubs. We’re going to enjoy this while we can.

But … What If? cubs_world_series

Do you think Hell will freeze over? Many of the people who are running for office this year are trying to tell us that if we don’t vote for them, then hell will definitely freeze over. But as I was watching the Cubs this year (and last) you can see these guys are really talented. They’re dialed in. They’re up to the task.

Our oldest boy, Keaton, is a professional broadcaster. So I believe him when he says, “Watching this team is like catching lightening in a bottle.”

So I am going to watch. Every game. Every pitch. I’m glad my schedule not only put me back in Chicago for this (I sort of planned it that way). But I’m also glad I’m not working. I don’t have any gigs scheduled for this weekend. I want to enjoy this.

I remember during one of the Bulls’ championships back in the 90s, I was working a steady gig at a restaurant down on Rush Street. I was scheduled to play right during the game. So they would have me play for a bit during pre-game warm ups. Then the game came on. I sat there and watched it. Then I went home.

I don’t want to do that. I want to catch every bit of these games. Lightening in a bottle.

I was over in Europe this Fall. I was getting excited then. But Europeans don’t care about baseball. They care about football. The kind you play with your feet. When I mentioned it, they only replied, “What’s a Cub?

cubs_nl_champsSo I’m here with my hometown folks. Family. Friends. Cubs fans from all over. Wrigleyville is going to erupt. It already has.

If the Cubs do manage to win the World Series this year, Then you might want to go and locate your warm winter clothes. Because Hell just might freeze over.

Or maybe that’s just the politicians talking.