More On Chicago Mayoral Election Results 2015

Hi There and Welcome to Another Installment The Piano Bench Blog Cast:
Chicago Mayoral Election Results  

Today’s broadcast comes in the form of some more great piano music and comedy. Our topic? Chicago mayoral election results. I certainly hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed writing and recording.

Chicago politics has no shortage of great comedy material. So tune in regularly.
And be sure to contact me, Dan, for your custom written music and comedy for your client appreciation night, your corporate event or hospital visit.

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Recording Studio Time Equals Great Music Production

It’s something I’ve been doing for over 30 years. Writing and recording in studios. It’s my favorite part of being a musician. I’ve always loved technology. I’ve always loved the creative process.

I used to do a ton of jingles. I started as a session player. I copied charts. Then I began to write them and produce them.

But as is true with all things — things change. In the later 90s the fees dropped as the technology became more affordable. Consequently, jingles slowly faded from mainstream usage and practically disappeared altogether.

I’ll get on this discussion in more detail at another time.

What I’d really love to talk about is how we have completely retooled our studio this year. The software for recording and producing music is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

So today I had a guitar player to lay down some tracks on a tune I wrote for a publishing library that has been buying some of my tracks. I haven’t mixed it or mastered it yet. But we’ve been busy here over the last year.

You can here some of our wide and varied efforts, from soundscapes to jingles and back again, by visiting our site at
Music for Commercials

Tune in again and we’ll keep you updated on some of our additional efforts of original music productions. Writing and producing music is on its way back.

We can custom write a song for your product roll out, your trade show, your sales conference. Give us a call. Jingles are more affordable than you think.