Quick Retirement Party Ideas

I had a call last week for another custom writing job. It was to be part of a long list of retirement party ideas.

I’ve had these calls before. An executive of seasoned tenure is about to retire. The accolades will be forthcoming. The revealing anecdotes will be told. … and … in this case, a special song parody will be written and recorded for the celebrant.

The gentleman going into the golden years of his life was a life long salesman. He had founded his company, mentored many young professionals in his time and was looking forward to go off hunting and fishing. The perfect choice was a song parody of the Kenny Rogers hit The Gambler.

The interview process is a simple one for gigs like this. I have a 2 page questionnaire I have the contact fill out. They usually send it around to the other executives and co-workers around the office. They become our eyes and ears.

The process is going to take at least two days. I get all the info. I write up a few verses. 5 or 6 to be exact. I’m only going to use one or two. Then I get the chorus to go along with the plan.

After that I get the studio all cranked up. Fire off the essential parts. Arrange it for timing of the jokes and then I get a quick demo out the door. Once the customer signs off on it, I know I’ve got a winner. Then I just re-record it, mix it and master in the studio.

Listen to the final product. How did I do? Let me know.

Lickety split, Super quick Retirement party ideas will last a lifetime.

Repetitive Spontaneity with Dueling Pianos

What?!? Another dueling pianos show? We know how to keep it fresh and spontaneous. How? Well … We use spontaneous music and comedy like no one else.

Yes. Another dueling pianos show again tonight. It was a little light last night, Friday. But the people who did show up had a great time. A small but mighty crowd as we like to say.

All American Dueling Pianos Live Music and Comedy for your corporate event

Live Music and Comedy Dueling Pianos

We promise to be completely spontaneous

— all over again.

It’s a lot of fun getting onstage not knowing if the audience is going to respond. Friday night was like that at a corporate event in Peoria IL for our dueling pianos show.

At first they weren’t sure if they liked us.
Then they weren’t sure if we were funny.
I’m not event certain they thought we were very entertaining because
at first, they just sat there looking at us and smiling.

But by the end of the night they knew. They KNEW! Good crowd. Better one on Saturday Night. We were performing for a charity event fund raiser entertainment for a church near Chicago that night.

We do it with Live Music and Comedy. Our comedy is customized to fit your event. We do it by asking all the right questions in advance of the date. And we do it through highly skilled improvisation honed over the years by performing with the greats.

Connecting with the audience is the key. But it won’t work unless your performers are authentic. As you know, a dueling pianos sow can be a whole bunch of mirror balls and fog machines. But it is not necessary. A true dueling piano show has two pianos, two mics and an audience.

The best performers play an audience as well as they can play a piano. That’s what we do at All American Dueling Pianos. We play an audience by connecting in an authentic fashion. No fancy gimmicks. Straight ahead music and comedy specifically designed for your group. Try it ..

You will be certain by the end of the night then too … you will laughing out loud and dancing up a storm … All completely spontaneously.

So if you want to get completely spontaneous all over again at your next event …

Call us at 773-527-7417

Comedy Music – I Always Thought I Wanted 18 Inches …

My whole life I always thought that I wanted 18 inches.
Yesterday I finally got my wish.

Only now that I got it, I think it is way too much work. 

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Here’s Your 18 Inches of Pure Mother Nature

Next year I need one of two things: A snow blower or a house in Florida. I think a house is going to be cheaper.

All this snow looks pretty. People in Chicago are great. They’re out there helping each other dig out of all this snow. Yeah there’s always one or two people who don’t know how to drive in this stuff. But for the most part everyone has been great.

The forecast was for anywhere from 4 inches to 12 inches of white stuff coming down starting on Saturday evening. I was out of town so I didn’t know what to expect. But by early Sunday morning we already had a decent 6 inches in Central Illinois for breakfast. No big deal right? I was down there as a pary entertainer for a private event. Got on the road. The highways were slippery but for the most part plowed and salted.

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All Kinds of laughs in Chicago Today

Then we get to Chicago city limits and this is where the NASCAR Impersonators begin to appear. By the time we got into our neighborhood it was obvious the get out and push phase had begun.

So next year I need to get south and play piano music in some warmer climates. I’ve had my share of winter weather in this life. As lovely as it is, I think I’ll reserve my winters for the ski slopes and the toboggan runs.