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Chicago Piano Players

Appearing down at The Redhead Piano Bar

World Class Party Entertainment for Your Events

are some of Chicago’s best piano players. They not only sing and play piano exceptionally well, they are also quintessential entertainers. Appearing regularly on Thursday Nights is Dan Gillogly.


But it’s not about how these musicians entertain. It’s how much fun everyone has.

You can bring anyone of these great piano entertainers

Party entertainers Allow you to have more fun than is Legally Allowed!

for events to your office party or house party.

It’s simple and quite affordable. But if you’re planning an event, you will always need to call soon. The quality party entertainers¬†definitely get booked early and often. This is Chicago after all.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a surprise party or a company event, most of the professional piano players have digital portable pianos available for your party entertainment. ¬† Especially since the Holiday Season is just around the corner (depending on when you read this) Call now. We have the best entertainers available to travel nationwide.

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