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Company events after The Holidays?

What a great idea. Company events don’t always have to be during Christmas season. Holiday parties after New Years are a great idea too. You’re probably going to have better attendance. You can invite more friends. People are going to have more time to show up because they don’t have as many commitments. Plus, you’ll probably get a better rate at your local venues.

Company events with live music is going to provide way more long lasting memories than with a just a DJ. So give us a call. Great piano music, great dueling pianos entertainment and great live music and comedy. Laugh all night long.

piano music piano payer

Piano Player Dan Gillogly

So think about it for next year. Or better yet, just do it this year. Get your people together for a memorably fun night of live music and comedy. Piano music with style. Chicago Piano player Dan Gillogly travels all over the place to bring more fun than is legally allowed by law. Do it now.