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Freddie Mercury Lives in Piano Music Entertainment

So I had the manufacturers convention in town this week and I’m playing a piano bar. The place is packed. I mean jammed. The thing is, there’s like 95% guys in the room. The professional girls are having a field day cuz these guys are all on expense accounts. I’ve got a tip jar packed with dolares and we’re all having a good time.

Someone asks for Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m thinking there’s no way I’m going to get a room full of guys to sing to this kind of piano music entertainment. So I give ’em a bunch of crap before I launch into it and I hope for the best.

They sang their heads off! It was amazing. I did the whole version and I could have kept going if Freddie Mercury wrote a longer song.
So I take a break to go check out the facilities and I get stopped by some guy from Berlin. He starts telling me how that was the best version he has ever heard outside of Freddie himself. He goes on to explain how he heard Freddie Mercury sing over 20 times. He said he heard him one time when he was a young boy; a soccer player. He was in a stadium for a soccer match and Freddie was doing sound check to an empty arena. Just Freddie on the piano and singing with his angelic voice. He said he could fill that stadium just fine without the band and he was in full voice running through his obscure songs that would never get played during a concert.

Now I don’t know if this was true or not. But it sure sounds like a great story. Plus I never get tired of hearing someone tell me how much they enjoy the music I get to play when I have a full room.

So RIP Freddie. Know that you live on through your great songs in our memories and in our nightly ventures out to a piano bar.

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