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Fundraiser Entertainment Ideas with Live Music from Chicago

Fundraiser entertainment ideas are always great if you’re thinking live music.

Occasionally we get calls to play a band gig. This time it was providing fundraiser entertainment for a church. It is truly an honor to get to work with the seemingly endless supply of world class musicians available here in Chicago.

Musicians Dan Gillogly, Brian Sandstrom, Gina Knight, Steve Doyle (l to r)

This event is coming up again to raise funds for Notre Dame Church. This year we are doing a Mardi gras Celebration for them.

We were there last year for them and this year we were asked to return.  Since I usually get everyone involved by utilizing the tried and true techniques I employ in a dueling pianos show, I am even more excited to be doing the same thing with such talented musicians.

Live Music & Dance Band for Charity Event

Mardi Gras Celebrations have their traditions as a pre-All Saints day event designed to have one more good night to blow off some steam before Lent begins. The Lenten season commemorates Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion before raising from the dead. What better way to have fun than with world class live music from Chicago?

A powder keg of inspiration in the form of live music at your fundraiser or charity event. We can customize the repertoire and get your message out to your donors in a fast, efficient and entertaining fashion. Live music at your charity event always keeps in the venue longer, keeps them smiling and laughing and can be an uplifting and positive experience for everyone involved. All for a good cause.

Think about doing a similar event for your church fundraiser this year. We offer many ways for to increase attendance and raise more money for charity. It is definitely worth giving us a try. Thanks.