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Do All Your Party Ideas Really Need A Reason?

I’m not sure. But I do know this. There is no bad reason — Especially this time of year when everyone wants a Holiday Party. Any of your Party Ideas is a good one as long as you have the right people surrounding you.

party ideas for adults birthday parties piano music

This one was HUGE!

We had some surprise birthday party ideas this month in anticipation of your youngest turning 18. I think it went well. But you can never tell. Teenagers don’t let on real quickly. That’s for all teenagers not just ours’.

We had a call to play a 4oth birthday party idea — dueling pianos. This guy’s wife loves a dueling piano show. She is also totally into the 80s music. I don’t know why. The 80s didn’t turn out much music of any significance. Well, okay there was that one song. But the rest of them were kind of … you know … 80s.
But you don’t need to do a dueling pianos show. You can have a dueling pianos show but just hire one piano player. Same great vibe at half the price.
We are party entertainers who know how to have fun everytime we’re playing piano music for you.

Most people when you mention birthday party ideas think of little kids and hats and streamers and goofy games. Well adults can have some special games too. Trust me. I am a professional. I’ve seen how you behave in the privacy of your own homes when you invite me over to play piano music at your parties. It is truly a sight to behold.

It’s not just the singing along. It’s the interaction. I’m having the most fun when you guys are engaged and having fun with me. It’s the only way to go really when you think about it. No need for silly hats. But it does help. No need for overt sexual innuendo. But it does happen. No need for you to actually sing along to enjoy singing along. Sometime the most fun you can have with your mouth in public is not singing along. Scream along. If you add pitch it’s a bonus.

Let’s do it all over again. This time I’ll bring the piano so we don’t have to mess up yours. Call now before all the good party ideas are used up for your date. +1-773-527-7417