With this kind of track record, you know you’re going to get a live piano music entertainer who can rock the room, so

Let’s Get Your Party Started

With an authentic Chicago Blues Piano & Boogie sound as well as fresh, spontaneous comedy combined with a repertoire everyone knows and loves. If you prefer, Dan can read a room like a billboard. He can be wallpaper and stay underneath the conversation so you can network with your guests and clients. Or he can MC your event, lead the entire group out of their chairs, out on the dance floor.

By the end of the night he will have everyone around the piano, arm in arm building joyous, wonderful camaraderie and good feelings that only good, quality, professional piano music can bring . . .


Sing Along to your favorite Pop Hits, make requests and try and stump him.


Whatever your needs are, arrange to book Dan Gillogly at your next event that needs superior piano music. As magnificent as he is on the piano and behind the mic, he cannot be in two places at the same time.