All American Dueling Pianos

2 Professional Singing Piano Entertainers will perform a Classic Dueling Pianos Show

You Will Get High Energy, Interactive, Sing-Along Entertainment appropriate for your event.

These full-time, professional dueling pianos entertainers will GUARANTEE everyone will be up on their feet singing along to their favorite songs, dancing, laughing and smiling. Even those who don’t participate much will find the show entertaining by watching everybody having fun. Our performers are among the best in the nation. Their talents reside in their ability to read a room, adapting to the audience and getting everyone to feel comfortable. They know 1000’s of songs.

This Comedic and Interactive Music Show includes activities everyone will enjoy and that you have come to expect from a quality Dueling Pianos Shows.  Requests will be taken from everyone. Standard Pop Music from all eras can be performed. From Abba to ZZ Top; Sinatra to Sublime; Oasis to Bruno Mars.

Classic Dueling Pianos Sing Along Revue Includes:

  • Two Full Time, Professional Dueling Pianists for a festive and memorable event
  • A Sound System for all vocals and sound reinforcement
  • 2 Custom Design Digital Grand Piano Shells
  • Stage Light Package
  • Client event planning questionnaire — Customize the Evening to Go the Way You Want
  • Request pads and pens for your guest to make requests during the show
  • Set up before guest arrive

Every event needs an edge that will set you apart from the rest. Live music and Interactive Comedy brings people together. Create memories that will last a lifetime with All American Dueling Pianos.