Team Building, Team Bonding

What Can a Piano Music Show Team Building Experience Do For You?

Inspire and motivate employees to produce at peak potential with team building.

Use music, movement and laughter to unlock profits at your next company event.

Wake up your biggest asset and unlock profit potential.

With a power packed punch on a unique platform, we give you a professional process perfected with decades of proven and consistent results motivating and inspiring your team members with music and laughter.

Okay… what does all that mean? Creativity is not taught in schools or colleges. Arts, music and drama is a safe place to learn to think differently. You can improve employee production. Improve the culture.

Get your employees producing a peak potential

We offer the opportunity of bringing people together in the workplace and in conferences or trade shows with music, movement and laughter.

We help teams think outside of the box by teaching them and allowing them to partake in creative activities that are safe and free from criticism.

So often we are tasked with meeting deadlines, quotas and compliance that are stringent and restrictive. We know that some of our best work takes place when we are in a trusting work environment that nurtures ‘outside the box’ thinking.


The best way, the safest way, to foster that growth is in the arts. There is No Right or Wrong.

team building

We build entertainment packages that your group creates. We do this through workshop sessions, bringing people together with team building activities that incorporate storytelling, drama, movement, singing, and playing of musical instruments. We do this in a one time entertainment session or 2-5 day workshops culminating in the live performance of the finished production.

The tools we use:


We use fairy tales and centuries old fables as the springboard to our activities. Active Imagination is the key here.


Everyone plays a role in their everyday lives; parent, child, employee, employer, sibling, neighbor. Since it is always better to “Understand rather than to be Understood”, we use role playing to shift our perspective. This will allow your team to see new options in their everyday roles both inside and outside of the office.


We introduce movement to generate creative thinking.

Example, we will display a picture of a circle and ask the group to make that shape. The shapes become more complex as the lesson progresses. i.e., dots, triangles, parallelograms, letters, numbers, etc.

Each group learns to work together and to challenge their normal movement activities.  We also incorporate movement with the use of    ribbons, freeze games, rhythmic clapping games, etc.

No Right or Wrong.


Everyone can sing. Don’t believe me? If you can speak, you can sing. We build a safe environment where everyone is a singer. We use popular songs that everyone knows the words to as well as well known children’s songs and folk music.


We supply a wide variety of both pitched instruments (guitar, pianos, xylophones and recorders) and percussion instruments (maracas, bongos, congas and body percussion) to apply the accompaniment to our story telling.

team building

There is no right or wrong in the arts. Some choices are better than others. But if you make a ‘wrong decision’ you can always change it or … go with it and build on it.


Adults are burdened with pressing responsibilities all the time. Our team building activities are designed to allow us to PLAY so that we can WORK more efficiently.


We utilize 3 basic packages for your choice. All 3 of the packages are customizable.

Piano Entertainer:

Sing Along, Dance Along, Laugh Along with popular music.
    • Group activities include:
    • Dance Contests, (Prince, Broadway Kick Lines, Hand Jive, Time Warp, Conga Lines, etc.)
    • Singing
      • My Side vs. Your Side or …
      • Men vs. Women in a Battle of Who Can Be Louder?
      • Sound FX and Fireworks Extravaganza (using our singing voices. So no need to call the fire marshals)
    • Excellent as an Opening Night entertainment choice, ice-breaker for your conference attendees, or as the culmination of a series of seminars and workshops.

Break Out Groups

Using storytelling, drama, movement, singing and musical instruments in small groups.
    • Activities Include:
    • We break off into separate groups of 4-8 people. We take one of the fairy tales as our ‘syllabus’ and each group creates a unique re-telling of the fable. It is the same fairy tale for each group.
    • At the end of the conference each group presents their creation to the company as a whole. Every group is different. No 2 presentations are the same. And since this is the arts of music, movement laughter, there is No Right or Wrong.
    • 1 Day, 2 Day or Week Long Sessions Available

Improv Workshop for Executives

We have taught this workshop to CEOs for product development and copy writing. What will you use it for?
    • Your group will learn how to:
    • Think creatively on a daily basis
    • Develop the skills needed to stay ahead of the curve in this constantly changing world
    • Always be moving toward and building a brighter and more productive future for your companies, your families and your communities.
    • Incorporates both physical activity, movement and role playing. Worksheets and books are designed to take back to the office. Follow up coaching is also available.
    • Groups of up to 20 Executives.
    • 2 Day, 3 Day or Week Long Sessions Available.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.
― Albert Einstein

So often in our daily lives we are so busy working that we forget to play. Playing with the arts is a sure fire way to let us work more efficiently.

team building

Once again, we look to Albert Einstein who was quoted as saying:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

Let your people play with music, movement and laughter to foster a better work environment, an efficient team and a long lasting feeling being part of something more significant than we could ever be on our own.