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Stan Baloney Music and Comedy For Your Event

Stan Baloney — Music and Comedy

Are you looking for something different for your next meet and greet or your cocktail hour or your product roll out. Someone funny to grab the attention of your top clients or your employees or your co-workers?

Stan Baloney can talk about your new product or our goals as a company.

He can motivate, deliver a message or just be down right funny on stage.

A 45 minute stand up or sit down if you will as Stan plays piano.

He can also be a plant at your next gathering and walk around and talk to people planting a message or product idea.

Who is Stan?

He’s like the guy next door on the northwest side of Chicago. He BBQs for every holiday including thanksgiving and New Years.

He is the guy that put a bar in his garage then has the garage door open into his back yard. He uses tiki lights even when there are no mosquitoes.

He doesn’t own a shirt in a solid color. He wears shorts to weddings.

He drinks with the Dos Equis Guy whenever he is in Mexico. But not on cinco de mayo. That would be cliche.

He’s retired from Streets and Sanitation because he started working there right out of high school. Now he’s flipping houses in Englewood. He doesn’t pick up a hammer. He picks up a checkbook.

His favorite relationship status is divorced but he married his high school sweetheart — three times.

He is a die hard Cubs fan because he does not expect them to win anything. But he goes to Sox games whenever he can because he likes to support the local minor league franchise.

He never met a microphone he doesn’t like.  He went to Catholic grade school and high school. He didn’t play football because he was taking piano lessons and joined the choir cuz it was easier to meet chicks that way. He snorted cocaine in the 70s before it became addictive. Most of his high school friends are either dead, in prison or in AA.

He thinks rehab is for quitters and thinks the 12 steps are way easier. His humidors are alphabetized.

He invited the word ‘These’ but he pronounces all diphthongs as consonants

.  All words that begin in the letters ‘TH’ come out like the letter ‘D’

He is an excellent cook but he prefers that all his Gal Pals cook for him. He doesn’t date women. He just has a whole lot of Gal Pals that he likes to hang out with. They are more like multiple friends with multiple benefits.

See some Stan Baloney here

Stan Baloney