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Alcohol with Your Piano Music Entertainment? Aghast!

Alcohol was invented so the Irish would not rule the world.” – Irish Proverb

When I’m out playing piano music in public, many folks ask me questions that are quite similar. They range in similarities like, “What do you do during the day for work?” and “What does your wife think of what you do for a living?”; things like that. I would love to write an entire blog post about each of those questions.

But in honor of the great St. Patrick’s Day coming up this week, I would like dedicate this holiday blog post to the patron saint of Ireland with a post about alcohol.

Alcohol is the great social lubricant.” – Also Irish Proverb

A couple of questions I get asked all the time would be:

  1. Where are you playing that we can go see you?” I don’t play out in bars all that often. But when I do, I like Dos Equis …. oooppppss Sorry. I do play out public sometimes when the schedule opens up. But for the most part I like to concentrate on company events and corporate gigs. They’re not as easy to perform at as a bar gig. They require a little more finesse and a whole lot more restraint. Certainly neither of my two favorite things to do in the whole world; restraint and finesse that is.I like the raucousness of a bar gig or restaurant. People cutting loose, cracking jokes, laughing at things that are not normally funny in polite company. But isn’t that the point of going out drinking with your friends? No need to be polite.At company events and corporate functions where we are providing live music entertainment, people tend to hold back a bit because they have a level of decorum they need to uphold in the course of daily commerce. No sweat. People want to keep their jobs.

    For when the wine is in, the wit is out.” – Thomas Beacon

    But that brings us to the next question I get a lot:

  2. Do you think that we need to serve alcohol at our event to be able to get people to sing louder?The answer is a resounding, “No!”“How so?” you ask.I answer thusly.Have you ever heard a room full of kids sing loudly?Of course you have.

    Well they can certainly get pretty loud. And I don’t think ALL of them have been drinking. Do you?

    You answered “No. Probably not ALL of them Dan.”

    So I repeat myself. No. You do not need to serve alcohol at your company event to be able to get people to sing along loudly.

    Does it help?

    Hell yeah!

    It also helps if you’ve got the winning lottery ticket in your pocket. But it’s not going to solve all your problems.

    You will need to hire a professional entertainer (like me, for instance) who knows the tried and true formula for a successful evening of piano music entertainment. Someone who knows how to get people interacting knowing that they won’t be embarrassed come Monday morning around the water cooler, or feel like they’re the only on who knows how to have fun after hours. No.

    If you are not going to serve alcohol at your event, then might I make my professional recommendation that before you start your party, make sure the sun has gone down and that you just gave them all raises.

    But No, you do not need alcohol to be served in order to have a good time with live music entertainment for events at your company party.

Thanks for playing along and I’m certainly glad you’ve decided to read this far. Maybe you would indeed like to go a bit further. Give me a call at 1 773 527 7417 to see how affordable live piano music can be at your event.

Happy St Patty’s Day one and all! 

The whole world is about three drinks behind.” – Humphrey Bogart

piano music entertainment and green beer celebrations

Happy St Patty’s Day

Original Cabaret Music in Peoria IL Sept 12 2014

I’m getting kind of excited about a new cabaret music show I’m putting the finishing touches on. I can tell I’m getting close because I’m starting to have nightmares about it – forgetting my lines, getting bad reviews, technical glitches and of course, the ever present running in molasses.

It’s the first time I’m going to go out as a solo artist performing only original cabaret music and comedy bits sprinkled throughout a 2 act night. I sure hope you can make it.

We’ll be breaking this out in Peoria IL on September 12 2014. So if you’re in central Illinois, be sure to get your tickets now at The Broadway Lounge in The Waterhouse.

Dan Gillogly: A PIano Player in Purgatory

Dan Gillogly: A Piano Player in Purgatory

In addition to 4 original songs, I’ll be throwing in songs from my favorite writers. I’ll include some Tom Lehrer, Ray Stevens and, naturally, some bits from Victor Borge.

This is truly a labor of love. I did one play with music back in 2011. It turned out kind of dark. But it was still fun to do because I hadn’t written much for theater in years.

So this is my 2nd foray into writing an original cabaret music theater project in the last couple of years. I’m not sure which songs are going to actually be performed. But I have a pretty good idea because of the play we produced back 2011.

There’s the one song I wrote about the kids when they were little I call “There’s Something Sticky on The Floor Ma!”.

The other sure fire song will be the ode to Cubs Fans we came up with called “That’s What Happens When You Happen To Be A Cubs Fan”. It has been specifically re-written to reflect the unique woes our favorite north side baseball team is experiencing this year.

For example, “our minor league is better then the pros and believe me – it shows. When Castro boots a ground he’s trying as hard as he can ….That’s What Happens When You Happen To Be A Cubs Fan!”

The other two are about relationships. The fifth one is on the cusp. I want to perform it a couple times before I take it out to Peoria. It’s about finding humor in the absurd and chaos in the events of the week that permeate our society.

But then again maybe that’s why I’m performing this show in Peoria. It upholds the old adage of “If it plays in Peoria …” coined on the old vaudeville circuit from way back. Meaning I it works there, it’ll work anywhere.

So wish me luck or let me know it’s okay to break a leg. Or better yet come on by with some friends on September 12th 2014 to The Broadway Lounge.