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Can You Really Effectively Do Fundraising For Your Church With Just A Piano Player?

It’s always interesting when I get a call to do some fundraising for your church or school from someone who wants me to play piano music at their charity event. But they think the piano can only be relegated to background music.

It’s true we can offer some beautiful ambiance.

But there is so much more to what I bring to the table. What I offer for your fund raiser entertainment is to bring people together. But if I am also going to be the background piano player first, then I need to bring them in differently than if I am your headliner entertainment.

That’s exactly what I was able to do here for this church fund raiser. Check this out …

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Thank YOU!!!

You’re Welcome! 

It’s always a pleasure to help raise funds for churches and schools. I never get tired of it.

We have a wonderful community here in Chicago. A real mixture of people and cultures and needs. St Nicolai has been around for 125 years now. Think about what that means. All the different changes this community has seen over the decades. From working class families to immigrants to 2nd, 3rd and now 4th generations of people living and working ad dying in the City of Chicago.

I’ve been living and working in Chicago as a musician since 1981. I grew up in the suburbs. I came down here to U of I as it was called back then. Now our kids have grown up here and call these neighbors their friends too.

I’ve known Dave Antieau for a long time. He’s been the pastor at St. Nicolai’s for several years now. He started off as one of my piano students back when I was teaching full time.

His wife is a wonderful woman who is just as active in the community as David is. They’ve seen me perform live music at a mutual friend’s wedding. It’s all the same thing for us.

Bring people together with the power of music and
create great memories. Let us do the same for you and your fundraising efforts.

Call now 773-527-7417 

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Did You Know Auctioneers Make Lousy Dueling Piano Players?

Now I don’t know if that is really true or not but I do suspect there is some semblance of truth in the fact that dueling piano players might make a good auctioneers.

We can always get the crowd going. We can improve your fund raising ideas and efforts. And we will guarantee an entertaining evening of live music and laughs with great comedy too.

Every dueling piano player has a distinct style. We will sing the same songs but never in the same way. It is an amazing sight to see for your charity event music. Live music and comedy will always be the kind of entertainment you will need even if you don’t think you want it. Trust me on this. We are professionals.

Piano music entertainment gets the double treatment when you hire a dueling piano show — piano music show at its finest.

Dueling piano music entertainment

Improve your evening!,,

Dueling Pianos Corporate Entertainers – Dueling Pianos – Corporate Event

It sure would be great to see you all down here. But when we have private events like these we can not invite all of our friends. So why don’t we do this … Give us a call and let us provide you with quality entertainment for events — no matter where you are.

Dueling Pianos is a very popular show because everyone loves the interaction. And we put the ACTION back into Interaction. How?

We read the room and improvise based on the audience response. We can adapt like no other dueling piano team out there.

Check out what others’ have said about us already. Then you will see how we can maximize your profits at your charity fundraising event. Or how your anniversary party will be the talk of the town for years after!

You will look good b’cuz we sound good! Glo Glee Music