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How do you make that corporate event a memorable one?

Event planners often have some “go-to” ideas when it comes to hiring a headline act for their big corporate event.

Maybe it’s a magician, or a cover band, or an impersonator.

There’s just one problem with all of those types of acts: they’re not improvisational.

And not only is the audience not connecting with the entertainment, (they’re just sitting and watching), they’re not connecting with each other.

Unfortunately, that means it’s not going to be a memorable event.

Think about it: would you rather watch a magician perform some tricks, or watch an entertainer that has your colleagues laughing, singing and having a terrific time?

The more you can make the entertainment memorable, and the more you can forge an emotional connection with your audience, the more meaningful the experience becomes.

It’s not just my opinion; it’s the opinion of “experts” as well. Take a look at this article and you’ll see what I mean.

Speaking of making your event a more personal experience, check out this  article too.

What I offer is a one-two-three entertainment punch: music, comedy and improv.

Working together, those two unique talents helps to ensure that the event experience invites, embraces, engages and delights the audience.

They’ll walk away with happy, lasting memories of having had a wonderful time for themselves as well as with their colleagues.

That’s exactly what you want to happen!

And whether you’re planning for a product rollout, sales seminar, trade show or other type of company event, I deliver an interactive entertainment experience that has your audience clamoring for more.

Sound exciting? You bet it does. And the best way to see how it fits into your overall strategy is to talk about it.

How about giving me a call me at your convenience? You can reach me at 773-527-7417.

Vicki Update: Live Music Gig Transportation

Just a quick update on Vicki my lovely cargo van for pulling gear to out live music gig. She is all better now. It was the ignition that needed to be replaced. But my mechanic Scott was so spectacular at going the extra mile, we also wound having to swap out the fuse box. Apparently, in that model of Chevy Express Van, the fuse box is under the master cylinder and gets all corroded and wet throughout the years.

So he had to pull that out and replace it with all new fuses after cleaning it out.

So here’s to safe travels to tonight’s corporate entertainment event in Chicago.

I Can’t Explain How A Dueling Piano Music Show Works So Well. Can You?

I can’t explain it. I know what we did. I know what we do. I know what the ‘formula’ is although it is extremely difficult to explain in words how well live music entertainment at your corporate event truly works.

But because i am a professional I’ll try anyway …

We were contracted to perform at a corporate event last Saturday night. Piano Music Entertainment at this kind of corporate event is very difficult to do successfully. We had well 1000 people. About 200 of those folks were children.

That’s right. You heard me.


Kids aged 12 and under.

Within the first 5 minutes we had them all onstage jumping in. And jumping up and down and screaming and banging on the piano with sticky fingers and super huge grins on their faces.

We were distracted from our script. We were torn away from our opening salvo, the dueling piano music show that is guaranteed to get people involved and comfortable with the dueling piano music show format — the formula that guarantees fun — every time.

So what did we do? Did we panic? Did we drop our lunch buckets and run home? Did we complain about our Green Room and the lack of M&Ms?

We had a room full of people who wanted to be entertained with music and laughs and we didn’t have a chance because of all these kids … Or did we?

Because a dueling piano music show is so versatile, We had a hope. We had a chance. We had a prayer. And it wasn’t a Hail Mary like at the end of a college football game.

No. What we did was we broke into some Elvis. That’s right. You heard me. Elvis The Pelvis Presley. The King is Alive and he had entered the building. Universally appealing Elvis. We got the kids on stage and got them to start acting like ‘The King’.


Granted, the majority of kids don’t know who Elvis is (or was) But kids are little monkeys. They will mimic endlessly. So I taught them some Elvis moves and we were off to the races.

We got a good solid hour and a half of games going with the kids. Games of trust. Games of imagination. They loved every minute of it and the parents loved it because not only did we give the parents a break so they could visit with their friends and co-workers, we wore those little ones out. By the time we were done with them, they were ready beddy bye and Mom and Dad were off the hook.

Yet another successful corporate event entertainment package that we did not foresee when we were hired.

Versatility. Music. Laughs and above all … great memories that will last a lifetime. A dueling piano music show is the best way to go. Try it. You’ll see what everyone is talking about.

Corporate Event Dueling Pianos

We were in Terre Haute Indiana tonight for a very exciting awards dinner. They really had the process down. They’ve. been hosting this annual event to honor their employees for several years now. Of the 500+ people in attendance more than half stayed for the entire hour afterwards.

I would like to think it was the wonderful dueling pianos show. But I know it was a combination of things. As corporate entertainers we have seen all manner of corporate events. Live music is a crucial ingredient every event planner should be ready and willing to include.

Yet we have become experts in the field of corporate entertainment because we have kept an open mind. Keeping your employees around for more than an hour after what could have been a boring batch of speeches requires precision and experience.

1. They kept everyone on schedule. In fact, they were ahead of schedule.
2. They made the employees the show. Not the speakers or speech makers. Oh the speakers were good. But the winners were chosen in advance. They walked down a red carpet. They had cameras and pictures and video to capture the moments. The honorees were the show.
3. Live music brought them all together. Dueling pianos is especially interactive. So we had them included, involved and interacting with us right away. Those that didn’t sing along with the piano players Loved the jokes and the camaraderie that occurs when live music is included in your corporate events.

Call us for dueling pianos shows and piano bar entertainers. No matter the size of your group – 50 or 500 or more – we can add to the success of your corporate event with live music and experienced corporate entertainers.


Fund Raiser Entertainment

Entertainment for Events – Dueling Pianos in Iowa for your Charity Fund Raiser

Corporate Event Venue

We’ve got an exceleent package coming up this weekend out in Bee-You-Tee-Full Denison IA. We will be at the Boulders Conference Center. If you’re looking for a scenic, rural location for your next corporate event this is the place. Located east of Omaha, we will be performing a fund raiser for Majestic Hills Country Club on 2/4/2012.

What we usually do for special events entertainment is we can GUARANTEE all your friends and ALL your guests will be interacting with music, dance and laughter.

It’s part of our fundraising event package. Dueling Pianos is a versatile and exciting form of entertainment available to make you look good at your next corporate event. We raise funds easily because  we get everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed through music and laughter. Charity fundraising entertainment is our specialty. We travel all over the USA performing dueling pianos. Iowa is our next stop.

So if you’re looking for a great venue for your next fund raiser, entertainment is part and parcel to the overall success of your event.