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Can You Really Effectively Do Fundraising For Your Church With Just A Piano Player?

It’s always interesting when I get a call to do some fundraising for your church or school from someone who wants me to play piano music at their charity event. But they think the piano can only be relegated to background music.

It’s true we can offer some beautiful ambiance.

But there is so much more to what I bring to the table. What I offer for your fund raiser entertainment is to bring people together. But if I am also going to be the background piano player first, then I need to bring them in differently than if I am your headliner entertainment.

That’s exactly what I was able to do here for this church fund raiser. Check this out …

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Thank YOU!!!

You’re Welcome! 

It’s always a pleasure to help raise funds for churches and schools. I never get tired of it.

We have a wonderful community here in Chicago. A real mixture of people and cultures and needs. St Nicolai has been around for 125 years now. Think about what that means. All the different changes this community has seen over the decades. From working class families to immigrants to 2nd, 3rd and now 4th generations of people living and working ad dying in the City of Chicago.

I’ve been living and working in Chicago as a musician since 1981. I grew up in the suburbs. I came down here to U of I as it was called back then. Now our kids have grown up here and call these neighbors their friends too.

I’ve known Dave Antieau for a long time. He’s been the pastor at St. Nicolai’s for several years now. He started off as one of my piano students back when I was teaching full time.

His wife is a wonderful woman who is just as active in the community as David is. They’ve seen me perform live music at a mutual friend’s wedding. It’s all the same thing for us.

Bring people together with the power of music and
create great memories. Let us do the same for you and your fundraising efforts.

Call now 773-527-7417 

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Fundraising Ideas in Ohio

An excellent example of

Fundraising Ideas in Central Ohio

You know I am constantly doing charity events and we as entertainers know truly the value of giving something back. We are entertainers who love to provide live music entertainment whenever we can. And we are ALWAYS in support of communities who are doing their best to help out all of our kids. Kids are kids wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if its your church or your school or your activities center. We believe, my wife and I, that if we keep the kids busy and give them opportunities to experience a wide variety of activities, they will grow in confidence. Then when it’s their turn, they’ll be contributing members of society wherever they wind up.

In fact, here is an example of one of our kids in action.

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Even A Little Bit Can Make A HUGE Difference

Our oldest daughter, Zaya, is in school at Ohio University. (No that’s not her in the picture) She is involved in an excellent example of fundraising ideas. She is currently studying social work there in Athens OH. She is doing a great job so far. She is taking a full load of Honors Classes in their Tutorial Program. She is also working 25-30 a week at a family shelter.

Please give whatever you can. Because even a small donation can be HUGE to a child in need. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities 


Fundraiser Entertainment in Chicago with Dueling Pianos

Wow! Yoga in my backyard before a corporate fund raiser gig downtown. Life is good!

I don’t mind traveling for gigs. I really don’t. We get to go all over the country performing, singing, telling jokes.

This one is a little different. We don’t normally do it like this. But then, two gigs are never the same. Ever. When the customer asks for something special, we like to accommodate.

What is the saying? “The customer is always right, even when they’re dead wrong.”

Well today is one of those days. They hired a dueling pianos act, an interactive live music and comedy show, a great fundraising ideas for their corporate events and fundraiser entertainment. Okay. You got it. But they also want us to play one hour of solo background before the speeches.

That sort of defeats the purpose. I mean, if they’re going to want to have some fun after the speeches, then we’re the guys to do it.

But having us be a piece of wallpaper before the fun part begins, well … then …
that’s like hiring a vegetarian piranha to take care of your fish problem.
That’s like buying a yacht and cruising the wide open creek out back.
That’s like buying a Maserati and driving it up up and down your driveway … a really short one.

I would recommend a small jazz trio or a string quartet before the speeches. Even an iPod ahead of time would not clip our wings.

I explained this to the agent. But she said she knew what she was doing. So I reassured her that she would still look good b’cuz we sound good. Its all good.

Live music and comedy at your next company event, charity fund raiser or trade show. Entertainment for events b’cuz we can. Thanks for playing along.

Is Live Music Excessive?

I was always wondering, ever since I was a wee young one, “Was I born with the Excessive Gene?”. I was never one to be satisfied easily. I was never the guy who was happy being the best. I always wanted to be great. Frustrating when it came to sports, yes. But thankfully I found something I could do well. Music. Specifically playing piano. I didn’t come fast nor easy for me. My obsessive nature allowed me to keep going even when I wasn’t really cutting it on the music scene.

So that’s why when I heard from a potential client who wanted to hire us for their fundraiser entertainment that they thought “Live Music was a bit excessive for our event.” I thought “Wow! I’m right on target again.”

I don’t mind hearing “No.” since I have been hearing it most of my life. Plus, I know when I get rejected, I’m all that much closer to hearing someone say “Yes!”

Live music at your next event is not excessive. It is perfect because, nowadays, no one expects it. It used to be there was a ton of bands out there performing and doing gigs. But now it seems like the only time you hear live music anymore it is a wedding music bands or at church.

That’s why we get called repeatedly, year after year, by our customers who are hosting graduation parties or charity events or company events. Live music works. I may even go so far as to argue that it is necessary.

It brings your donors back year after year. They bring their friends. They want to hear good music and have a few laughs and enjoy themselves. Live music adds color to this otherwise bland and monochrome world.

So thank you rejected potential future client. I take it as a compliment that Live Music is Excessive. We are.

Call us for your next fund raiser and watch us raise some fund for your charity. 773-527-7417

Central Illinois Dueling Pianos Hosts Charity Event Entertainment for Hospital

Future Hall Of Famer Jim Thome chairs a charity fundraiser event Saturday, January 14th 2012. Charity event entertainment ideas like dueling pianos will help you rake in the funds. Seriously! Everyone LOVES dueling pianos and when you bring us to your fundraising party or your company event, you’ll be pleasantly surprised  by the turn out.

Central Illinois Dueling Pianos produces the entertainment for events like this with dignity and grace. Over 850 people will be in attendance. Live music and comedy makes your fundraising job all that much easier. Call us NOW! Thanks.