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What’s The Next Holiday To Celebrate? Can You Say Mardi Gras? Dueling Pianos in Kankakee

Mardi Gras Dueling Pianos in Kankakee Feb 7 2015 

dueling pianos party ideas 50th birthday

Surprise Party Ideas with Live Music Fun!

We had the opportunity to get down to Kankakee IL twice during the holiday party season this year. It’s fascinating how powerful word of mouth referrals can be for us. We played live music at two events both hosted by the same venue; The Kankakee Country Club. I practically feel like a member now.

The first party was a company event for the local Bank. Small party of employees and spouses. Awards and bonuses were handed out and then the party began. Dance floor was filled al night long.

The second night this month was New Years Eve entertainment with an extra added bonus: Wende’s 50th Birthday Party. Surprise! Except she knew what was going on cuz that’s the kind of woman Wende is. Plus, her husband Rende spilled the beans earlier …. ooohhh say, like …. 9 months earlier. No biggie tho. Their kids were there, her parents and her entire family. We had a DJ after we finished. What a pleasure to be invited to such a fun filled event.

We’ll be back in Kankakee dueling pianos style coming up this February 7 2015 for a fund raiser for the local Chambers of Commerce. As is the case with many local communities, the Kankakee area has had to continue to change with the times. Their local Chamber is no different. They’re still providing jobs for families and helping small businesses grow.

We will be hosted by another stalwart venue perfect for company events; The Knights of Columbus Hall. KC Halls all over the USA are hosting community events such as fund raisers and charity events designed to benefit local churches and businesses.

So come on down to the Kankakee KC Hall this Feb 7 2015 for a first rate night of live music and comedy featuring one of our most popular shows, All American Dueling Pianos. Doors open at 6 PM and you can call the Kankakee County Chamber 815-351-9068

Celebrate Mardi Gras with All American Dueling Pianos with all of our friends. 

Lots of Live Music This Week

I’m making a quick post here to remind you about all the great Live Music going on this week in and around Chicago

Tuesday night I’ll be at the world’s best piano bar from 8-1130 PM The Redhead is located in downtown Chicago and features the best piano entertainers you will find in town.

Wednesday I’ll be at providing country club entertainment at The Riverside Golf Club. This is private party entertainment at its finest. Entertainers Dan and Ted will be providing high energy dueling pianos for the 4th year in a row. Great food. Great fun. Great laughs.

Thursday I’ll be back at The Redhead with great piano music — Late from 1130-4 AM

Friday is a day to catch my breath. Then Saturday Dueling pianos is back performing for a charity fundraising event. Dueling pianos is a fantastic fundraising ideas. More on this event later. We’ll be down in Central Illinois.

Hope you can make it out. If you can’t come by and see us, then thank you for supporting live music wherever you’re at.



Fundraiser Entertainment in Chicago with Dueling Pianos

Wow! Yoga in my backyard before a corporate fund raiser gig downtown. Life is good!

I don’t mind traveling for gigs. I really don’t. We get to go all over the country performing, singing, telling jokes.

This one is a little different. We don’t normally do it like this. But then, two gigs are never the same. Ever. When the customer asks for something special, we like to accommodate.

What is the saying? “The customer is always right, even when they’re dead wrong.”

Well today is one of those days. They hired a dueling pianos act, an interactive live music and comedy show, a great fundraising ideas for their corporate events and fundraiser entertainment. Okay. You got it. But they also want us to play one hour of solo background before the speeches.

That sort of defeats the purpose. I mean, if they’re going to want to have some fun after the speeches, then we’re the guys to do it.

But having us be a piece of wallpaper before the fun part begins, well … then …
that’s like hiring a vegetarian piranha to take care of your fish problem.
That’s like buying a yacht and cruising the wide open creek out back.
That’s like buying a Maserati and driving it up up and down your driveway … a really short one.

I would recommend a small jazz trio or a string quartet before the speeches. Even an iPod ahead of time would not clip our wings.

I explained this to the agent. But she said she knew what she was doing. So I reassured her that she would still look good b’cuz we sound good. Its all good.

Live music and comedy at your next company event, charity fund raiser or trade show. Entertainment for events b’cuz we can. Thanks for playing along.

Another Great Weekend of Live Music

I have a few new gigs coming up this weekend. Sure hope you can make it out. Tonight is a solo piano bar gig at The Redhead on Ontario in Chicago. Going on late — like 1130 PM.

Then I have a dueling pianos gig at a company event in Wisconsin this Friday. On Saturday we’re playing at Evanston Golf Club in Skokie. Yeah I know. That’s kind of weird. But that’s the way it is.

We have a whole bunch of other gigs coming up, but that is really the only live music gigs I have for right now. It’s been awhile since I posted but I’ve been kind of busy. Lots of good stuff going on and I’ll be sure to tell you about it in the coming days ahead.

But for right now that’s all I have in the piano music department.

Dueling Pianos Sing Along Entertainment

“What is it with all these singing dog videos?” he asked out loud to no one in particular. “It’s not like I’m a big fan of dogs.” said the pious Vicker in the back of the sacristy. So he advised his congregation to click on the link for more music and comedy from All American Dueling Pianos. party entertainers bring live music to every corner of the earth and beyond. “It is other worldly!” thought the reverent Vicker.