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Holiday Party Stress?

Valentines Day Ideas

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Company Party Entertainment Ideas

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You Call It Piano Music Entertainment. Your Soul Calls It Thirst Quencher

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Can You Really Effectively Do Fundraising For Your Church With Just A Piano Player?

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Holiday Party Stress?
No need to worry … yet.

But there are only so many days in the Holiday party schedule. If you don’t act now to get your party entertainment squared away, you may regret it for a long time to come. Way past this year. 

Send us a quick note with your date and your location. Everything will be okay … as long as I have the date open. Too many years go by when I get a call for a date I am already booked for. So give me a shout now. 

ANOTHER PLANNING TIP: Many people are making Holiday party plans for after the 1st of the year.
You’ll get better rates on venues, caterers and .. of course … entertainers.

Give me a call right now before you forget and get distracted. 773-527-7417 Let’s get you all booked so it’s one more thing you can cross off of your Holiday party planning list. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Great Party Ideas That Create Lifelong Memories – The Cure for Presidents Day

So I have finally found one of the most perfect party ideas AND it will cure your next President’s Day.

Throw a party. Yes. That would be throw a party during Presidents Day and bring in a piano player and a award winning chef and see where that would lead.

I have many items on my bucket list. I frequently get new party ideas along with all my new song ideas and lyric ideas. But I don’t think I ever came up with throwing an afternoon party on Presidents Day. 

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No Need To Wait Until Next Year for Great Party Ideas

Well it happened for me yesterday. And what a success! Not a lot of people. Only about 10, maybe 12 folks. A few of their kids showed up. We ate great food, we sang some great songs, we sat down with friends and made great memories. You can too.

Plus, and here’s the good part, you don’t have to wait until next year’s Presidents Day. Start thinking about your outdoor BBQs and your graduation party ideas and your anniversary party ideas. We can make this another fantastic event filled and life long lasting memory creating event that will last a lifetime.

Call me to see what kind of ideas I can come up with for you and your memory tank.

Am I The Best Chicago Piano Player?

I don’t think so. I’d like to think I am but I am not. I will tell you a little story first though, before I explain that is …


It’s always a pleasure to play piano in front of people. But I got to admit, I do get a bit tired some nights. A little short tempered if you will. I almost snapped at a guy who was just being polite last night at the end of a long day that included a recording session that went VERY well, a solo gig for some seniors which was well received and a sing along gig that went all night and revealed not one chance to take a break.

He was just being nice, yet he was also inquiring about a gig. Of course, he wanted to talk prices and availability.

I never discuss price at a gig. Two different parts of my brain.

I’ll talk business during the day when I’m wearing my business hat. When I’m out gigging I have a completely different mind set – entertaining.

So this guy was asking about a festival date in July and I thought, well I can’t not talk to him. He was being very polite for so late at night, a rare trait indeed.

I was saying how yes I do travel all over the place. And yes I do have a band I could bring. And yes with a day of rehearsal time I could bring a new band up to speed.

But I wasn’t going to talk price. I did talk about needing to include travel and lodging. That part was logical. At least to me it was. But I couldn’t mention a price because I didn’t know how much gear I was going to have to bring or how big of a crowd I was required to perform in front of.

I get calls all the time from people who are looking to get a price quote. They’re shopping strictly on price. I understand that.

We are all on some sort of budget.

But I don’t base my price on the what others’ are charging for their services as a Chicago piano player or musician. I am setting my price based on what I bring to the party. And what I bring to the event is extremely unique. Just ask the people who hire me as a piano player over and over again. Year after year. Fund raiser after holiday party entertainment. And it’s not just my services as a premier Chicago piano player. I charge based on the caliber of entertainer I am. I base it on the quality of musicianship I can bring to you through my years of experience on the scene knowing who to call when you need a first rate band to back me up.

The thing is I know I’m not the best piano player in Chicago. I know I’m not the best entertainer. I do know I am in the top tier of performers.

So if you’re looking for cheap, go somewhere else. If cheap is important to you I’m not the guy you want. I’m also not the most expensive. So give me a call. If I cant do it, I know a Chicago piano player I can call who will give you what you’re looking for in a great evening of entertainment.

Holiday Piano Music w/o the Nausea

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Holiday Music Entertainment That Doesn’t Make You Sick!

If you think piano music for company parties is nauseating, then you haven’t heard me play piano. Entertainment for events is always entertaining when you have Dan Gloglee behind the piano singing and cracking jokes. Holiday party entertainment now