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These Guys Are Funny …. Looking! Comedy Music and FUN!!!

Comedy Dueling Pianos

Shhhh!!!! Don’t tell anyone. We don’t want the word to get.

These guys are in need of serious plastic surgery and until they get it no one should see them. They’re so funny — looking — that you will laugh until tears run down your face and then you’ll laugh some more because you’re laughing so hard at the people around you laughing. So please don’t come and see these guys until they get some reconstructive surgery to fix their funny looks.

But if you do come out, bring money with you cuz plastic surgery isn’t cheap anymore. It used to be when no one knew what it was. But now the word has gotten out and they can’t raise enough money to fix their funny looks. So if you are planning on coming out to see some great live music and laughs with comedy music that you can laugh at till you go home, Then be sure to bring lots of money.

Breakthrough Piano Music Entertainment & Live Comedy

It’s really hard to describe the great feeling I get from performing piano music. It is staggering the stories I hear from everyone about good they feel after a night of good piano music entertainment.

I also have the extra added bonus of interactive live comedy with every night of piano music entertainment.

But I had an even bigger rush this last Friday night. I opened a new revue of original music and comedy. Material I wrote over the last few months. Silly songs. Stories and observations. Songs from other people. But mostly songs from me.

And you guys loved it!!! Now that’s a USB! I mean, cuz I never REALLY know what’s going to fit in a show and what isn’t. Not until I get it out in front people who are not related to me.

I’ll have video soon. For right now I need to say thank you for letting me keep providing piano music entertainment to you and your friends.

Talk to you soon.

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